420 Volcanic Artesian Water from New Zealand

G’day Mates & Shelia’s! Being from New Zealand I was pleased to come across this fancy volcanic water from NZ this weekend at Fresh & Wild.

420 is a super premium water in a bottle that’s easy on the eye, feels good in the hand and perfectly fits the clientele of elite hotel, bars, restaurants and cafes. Every drop of water has taken generations to filter through the surrounding landscape. That means the water you hold in your hand today actually fell onto the top of a mountain when my great, great grandmother was the same age as I am now. Which is a fabulous story to tell someone you’re trying to pick up in a bar. The 420 spring is situated at the base of NZ’s South Islands Banks Peninsula an extinct Volcano. The water fell on the Southern Alps hundreds of years ago and has spent its time meandering across the Canterbury plains to arrive clean and pure to consumers today.

In September 2006, 420 water struck gold on the world stage, winning two top awards at the prestigious bottled water world design awards in Italy. 420 water came up trumps against a record 135 entries from 30 countries, taking home the award for Best PET Bottle and Best Press Marketing Campaign. The gala awards ceremony took place at the San Pellegrino Casino in Italy as part of the Zenith International Global Bottled Water Congress in Bergamo, north east of Milan. ARTICLE

It tasted GREAT!! Represent NZ bitches!!! Yahooooooooooooooooo!

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