The #CCSpeakeasy

Casie 7

I would say good morning but as I write this it’s already the late afternoon. What can I say? I’m still recovering from last night’s awesomeness. The Canadian Club Speakeasy was an old timey shindig if there ever was! Who doesn’t love dressing up all flapper-esque and pretending to be in Boardwalk Empire?! Here’s some photos I snapped of everyone dolled-up and  a ditty for you to listen along to!

Casie and the Car

This car was outside and begging to be posed with.


The bartenders were all dapper and pulled out some tricks as they mixed the Canadian Club cocktails. They were all Boardwalk Empire themed too. The hit of the night seemed to be the Nucky!

Casie 5

Casie and I couldn’t help but have a mini photo shoot. The location was just so cool looking!

Casie 4

This 1920s girl is always working!

best dressed

How handsome! It’s no surprise that Jason won best dressed! Although he did have some stiff competition…

Classy Barbie

This Barbie is so classy!

Sam and Ross

Sam and Ross all suited up! Can the men of the world just agree to dress like this all the time please? All of you guys just have a meeting and discuss it at least? Cool thanks.

Well that’s all for now! Thanks so much to Canadian Club and HBO for putting on the ritz and feeding us tasty drinks! Now excuse me while I get back to my recovery and giant bottle of water. Maybe I’ll lazy about on the couch and watch something. Can you guess what?

xo Kate

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