NOW Obama!!

Two of my best friends Tahnee & Aga grace the pages of NOW! Magazine this week. They were in Dundas Square last week celebrating the wonderful Presidential victory of Mr. Barack Obama.

The caption reads:
who: Barack Obama supporters
where: Dundas Square
when: Tuesday, November 4, 11 pm
what: Celebrating Obama’s historic victory in the U.S. presidential election.
More coverage, page 16.
Photo By Sam Javanrouh

This photo, on Tahnee’s FB is worth at least a thousand words. That’s my girl!

A Toast

To my girl T, for her Birthday

Today’s the day you’re 24 and each day my dear, I love you more.
I wish your dreams to all come true and love, luck and laughter to carry you through.
Take this year to set your goals, live them out and don’t feel old.
You are loved by many near and far, who cherish you just the way you are.

Happy Birthday
– Written by me in March 2008