chantez-moi une chanson

I’ve been working on my French skills over the last year. Some of my tools are watching French movies, news in French and listening to French Music. I’ve got occasional podcasts also but I find them to be not nearly as fun. My french is better when written and more understood when read.

My friend Charlie introduced me to my new fav French girl, Camille. This is her ‘Money Note’. She uses her voice to make cool sounds and incorporates them into her tracks. C’est fantastique!! My other favorites are Yelle and Carla Bruni.

not afraid to belt it

BELT OUT (verb)
The verb BELT OUT has 1 sense:

1. sing loudly and forcefully

Familiarity information: BELT OUT used as a verb is very rare.Well, I’m not afraid to have a good time.

My office party was a smash hit.