adventure time

Friday good so far. Had a nice breakfast, nap and did my nails extra pretty. Looking springy with the pink & green favorites. I’m off to AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Nothing like having a free day to do what you like and go to the gallery! I’m planning on checking out this one again. He’s a man on a box on the top floor. I like it. I’d love a box painting of me in a cool pose. Enjoy your afternoon!!

i was at naughty by nature last night and today is friday the thirteenth again

Last night I went to a fashion show for Brazen Hussy and Naughty by Nature at Circa. I did a major fail and left my camera battery plugged in and brought camera, sans battery. I must say, I do not like to be referred to as ‘brazen’ or ‘hussy’. There were a few choice items I liked in the collection. The BEST part of the show was the violin player who played BRITNEY spears. OMG. I was loving it so hard. More than the clothes.
I met lots of cool ass peeps hanging out in the glass cube. Last month on Friday the 13th I got a tattoo. Remember? I was thinking it would be cool to get another tattoo today, like a little Friday the 13th thingy. This is not likely going to happen unless someone invites me like in the next few hours as I do not have an appointment anywhere. Today is really pretty outside and I wore pink Hello Kitty glasses.

i like stuff! i like stuff!

I got some goodies today.
They arrived in a big white gift bag with my name on it:
I opened the bag and much to my surprise was a beautiful 50ml Ange ou Demon eau de toilette, 200ml bath gel and for my special man a 50ml Pour Homme eau de toilette spray. How awesome! I love testing out new jazz and getting presents delivered too. Makes me very happy!

Ange ou Demon smells very soft and light. Not flowery or vanilla, I hate those smells. Its light enough that I could wear it all the time. It is not as strong as Hot Couture that I received a few months ago. I liked it also, but I reckon it’s more evening wear. This one is quite delicate. I like it. ♥

Try it out for yourself while out holiday
shopping and let me know your thoughts.

HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!! Who wants a present??!!

This holiday season I have partnered with Givenchy to give away a lovely Organza Gift Set including a 50mL spray, 75mL silky body veil and a 75mL shower gel. This package is valued over $80 and would make an excellent gift for yourself of someone you love.

Givenchy Holiday Sets are beautifully packaged in a classic sequined
box with everything you need to celebrate the season. Organza highlights the femininity of every woman- that of the mother and the lover. Organza awakens a goddess that lies hidden in every woman. This is the perfect fragrance for an exceptional and timeless woman; a combination of elegance with richness and purity.
Please tell me your most meaningful holiday memory in about 100 words or less. I’ll pick the one that makes my heart the warmest and contact you for shipping details.

Please write your story in the comments of this post or email me at I’ll only post your emailed note if you want it to be published. Totally posting the winner ♥

Contest closes December 15th to ensure you will receive it before Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever it is you may be celebrating this year!

I’m looking forward to hearing your holiday memories!