art is for the making

Pass for Cash

Upper Class.

Social Class.

A cool class.

A school class.

You can pass,
if you got the cash.

2006 – Me.

Fond Memories…

its cold outside and i wanna stay warm

the wind is whipping at my windows

winding my thoughts around
whirlwind words spin
Me, Bondi Beach, Aus, 2004.

Over sand,
Over sea.
On my face,
On my feet.
Growing tall.
Eat your seeds.
Sunny day,
At the beach.


i can’t write today
somethings wrong
i can’t smile today
life is a sad song
my heart hurts…
so does my foot
in my shoe

today is a sad day
without you
Casie Stewart, Jeans Publishing, Circa 1995

Map & Quest

Create that Roadmap,
Flip that switch.
Focus. Sit down.
Distractions become meaningless.
Think it through.
Write it down and
Read it back.
Life’s an elastic
pulling you in,
and you’re gonna sink
if you don’t swim.
– Casie Jan 22, 2008

Sweet Tasing Vodka Drinks

I sit and drink
and write and such
and around me
is life and love so much
still why and when
I’m tough and feel so down,
not worthy of a crown.
Tattooed friends and vodka drinks
around we sit and share our thinks
no matter what fun we do
its always me, alive and true
And as i sit, the friends are gone
a little drunk, a bit withdrawn
i know for sure its me i love,
but to share my heart,that, i think of.