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SummerWorks 2012

I hope you took my advice and went to something at SummerWorks this year. As someone new to the theatre scene,  SummerWorks introduced me to a culture of awesome in the city. It was amazing to see so much talent from around the world brought together through art. I wish I could have seen every show and performance. Huge congrats to SummerWorks Theatre Festival Team! If you didn’t experience the festival, now you know for next year!

My letters from the Letter Writing party should arrive this week!

I loved the creativity in the live art sessions, Dare Night Lockdown, Letter Writing. Taking part in them infused a childlike fun that I feel people lose when they grow up. Don’t ever lose that. Festivals like this open your mind and heart to see things that inspire your life.

You are not getting younger but you can always get awesomer.




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