DIY | Make It Marble in 3 Easy Steps

Last week I picked up a gorgeous marble cheese board form The Drake Hotel. It’s real marble and very heavy. Perfect for dinner parties and taking Instagram photos. However, my BF decided it was a great cutting board and now there’s a couple lines in it from a knife. I started thinking about how I could make another cutting board with marble accents after seeing some marble formica for countertops online. I picked up a bamboo cutting board ($3), a plastic cutting board ($2), and a roll of faux marble for lining cupboards.  I did’t even know they had that stuff!   This was to test if it even looks good, if so, will get some of the fancier stuff from a home hardware type shop. It seriously took about 5 whole minutes to do this and now I’ve got a marble mousepad at work that is a great backdrop for photographing things at my desk. Make Something Marble Get marble wrap and something to put it on Put it on the thing Take a photo & show your awesomeness SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS OMG. YOU ARE A DIY WIZARD. Remember the awesome marble  laptop case I had ages ago? (It’s not avail anymore, sorry) I thought I would combine that concept and some supplies form my local dollar store. Well, it totally worked!   I recently got a permanent desk after working with 1188 for the last year and I wanted to make it nice. It’s so glam now! Look how great my coffee looks with vintage glasses on this wood/marble. OH SO FANCY. I know you probably don’t think of me a DIY’er but I actually make heaps of things. I’ll share more of them this year! If you give this a try over the weekend, I’d LOVE to know what you make. TWEET ME HERE. The … Continue reading DIY | Make It Marble in 3 Easy Steps