me, the men, the machines

I’ve got bad luck with computers. You think, that being so online and web savy that i’d be all over that shit.

Well no. I’m not good with those relationships.  I break them.  I’m rough.  I’m hard on my equipment.  I’ve been through at least one computer every year since 2004 when I got my first laptop for uni….I’ll tell you about it.

My first love, a silver one to take to Australia. He was 11.5″ and I called him Richard. He was sexy, soft and sleek. After a year his disk drive  just would not open for me. One of the pixels in his eye lost it’s spark.  We came home  from down under together but shortly after our return  I took him back to the shop.  It was over.

He was replaced with a 17″ Toshiba, big David I liked to call him.  He was strong. He was great for late night movies and could bust out loud tunes that made me want to dance all night. Big David, he didn’t last. He crashed,  hard. Must have been those many late nights… movies in bed, after-parties, other people playing.

I knew I needed a rebound….

I went to something familiar, the sleek silver 11″ stallion.  This one was German, Medion. I called him Medi. He was good to me. He was the kind of guy you could take anywhere. No baggage, he was light and made me look cute when we sat for coffee and online chatting.  It ended bad. One night we had too much to drink and I spilled red wine all over Shane’s Thinkpad…and he died.  I was mortified. We all were. I had no choice in my kind heart but to give her my Medi. I was sad to see him go. He was with her now.

New Year, new job. I got a Thinkpad too. He never really felt like mine but we had a thing. He was good to me until…one late night at the Social. I had been to several events.  Why I dragged his ass around I have no idea? I should have left his ass at the office. He didn’t need to come, but he did. I drank too much and left with someone else. I left him there, totally forgot about him sitting at coat-check. He had my Crumpler bag and ipod and my favorite Moleskine. I never got them back, I never got anything back from him.

New day, same job, spare guy from the storage closet. Not as nice, but just as practical. He’s my average Joe.  I’ve never been a girl to like the Joe’s and now I might know why.  Does and average Joe just crunk out on you? Quit. Stop putting in an effort? Last night I took him home and when I pushed his buttons he made noises that hurt my ears. They weren’t pretty. They were high pitched like whining, I was scared and turned him off after turning him on. He’s at the doctor now.  I hope he’s OK.  My heart can not take another breakup like that.

Now, I sit here,  my delicate fingers and black nails press the keys on this old, slow Acer.  I feel like I’m doing time at an old folks home or posting from the Library. I’m dressed in black.  My heart longs for guy that I can spend time with, one who can handle my demands of usage and that can be worked hard and play even harder.  I need a new computer, one that is my own that can be my companion. I want to build a lasting relationship.

If you’re out there…find me. We can start off slow and ease into it. I’ll be gentle. I’ll take care of you.  You will become famous, I’ll tell all the interwebs how much I love you.

Love, the girl who’s hard on units, Me.

H1N1 ~ HINI = hiney = haha :P ( flu+who)

I’m going to the TFC game today with a friend. Excited and dressed the part. My friend has a TFC scarf for me so I can really be ‘in’ it. I’ve been once before but this is birthday related which makes it better. This picture wants to be on it’s head. I’m not fighting it. I think that H1N1 is a better name for the flu but it also looks like ‘hini’ which sounds like ‘hiney’ which rhymes with swiney which is funny. And the flu was named by the WHO. Make the connection. I did. Stephen Harper called it the Mexican Flu the other day. I LMFAO. Had breakfast at School in Liberty Village. They’re kinda slow and the patio wasn’t open. I like the way it looks there. Very schooley. I was at the CONTACT opening last night. Will

on the way in

This elevator smells like cheap perfume and its probably you. There’s posties beside me and they converse over condos and routes. Seasons affect them, they affect me too, like the weather. ‘Take it easy‘ he says, like its easy, like it’s so easy to take it easy. Its not, its hard to take it easy when there are so many factors pulling attention from your life & love. That guy has a purple jacket. I wish I had a purple jacket. Are there any blogs famous for being crazy, like thoughts insane? Random thoughts that lead to a story of ones life that they don’t even remember writing? I just missed my stop as I was writing and now, I will arrive when I get there. I backtrack, like a dummy. Am I dumb or am I smart? Everyone should have a blog. Its like therapy. I ran into a friend, not just any, a smart inspiring one. That’s why I missed my stop. Universe. There’s no streetcar. She says to me, Lauren Hill, “it could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard”. We’re both at Fresh and Wild, playing at the same time. Albert Einstein thinks we can’t live without Bees. I don’t like feeling that I have to do things. It’s a never nearly as neat as when you do it for love. Lindsay would be a hot and slutty burlesque dancer. I know this is random to you but in my mind thoughts flow at a very fast speed. I’m at work now. Like a Sim. Its Earth Day, turn off your computer and give your attention to the earths problems instead of your own.

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Sweet Tasing Vodka Drinks

I sit and drink
and write and such
and around me
is life and love so much
still why and when
I’m tough and feel so down,
not worthy of a crown.
Tattooed friends and vodka drinks
around we sit and share our thinks
no matter what fun we do
its always me, alive and true
And as i sit, the friends are gone
a little drunk, a bit withdrawn
i know for sure its me i love,
but to share my heart,that, i think of.