mama’s getting a new boyfriend

I’ve been through some tough times with my comp-units over the past year.  Lost, stolen, broken, wine spilled on. Yes, tragic. You may remember one of my favorite tales Me, The Men, The Machines.

The time has come for me to purchase a new laptop. I want a mini guy that is PC and not MAC.  Please don’t try and convince me to switch, I’m just not that into it. I’m looking for durability and value. I’m really hard on stuff and I don’t want to spend too much because I might break/lose it and I’m likely going to replace it in a year or two anyways.

If you know someone who might wanna hook a sista up with a good deal, don’t hold back AT ALL.  They will get huge perks from me like mad links and BFF status. I’m gonna be taking my new unit everywhere I go and using it for everything I do.  That’s huge value right there.

don’t over stay your welcome

Borrowed from my myspace blog and written in 2004. I had a bad house guest and was kinda bothered by it…

make a nicey nice day

Thank you so much for coming. Let me take your coat. Would you like a drink?

You’re welcome and yes thank you so much for coming. Chat away. Smile, nod, agree, nod. Yes. No. Of course.

Now, are you hungry, should I make something? Another drink? You’re welcome.

Would you rather I take you out? Feed you. Bathe you. Tuck you in, in my warm little bed, and rock you baby, right to fucking sleep.

The sun rises yet you are not awake. You want coffee? You want breakfast? You want, and need, and need more wanting. Oh, yes it is lunch. Are you hungry now? Do you need something from me?

I want a fucking break. You need too much attention for my short attention span. Do you need to need me to do things all the time or can you do it your fucking self? Can you just go back home to your own house ?

You have overstayed your welcome. Yes. You’re welcome. Now go and make yourself a nice fucking day.

my name is casie and i’m a twitaholic

Twits Mag Canada is an online magazine dedicated to all Canadians on Twitter and they just did a story on ME. You can read it here: Me and Twitter: Casie Stewart – The Twitaholic.  Don’t be shy to leave comments on their site or mine. Have a great day!

my name is casie and i'm a twitaholic

“She blogs, she blogs and blogs and… she works full time. She’s busy, that’s what she says, but she’s still got a lot of energy and would be bored if she wasn’t doing stuff all the time.”

raining cats and blogs

I love it. The thunder in the sky. The energy that lights up the dark clouds when lightning strikes. The pounding of rain drops on windows of cars as they drive on the wet pavement.

I jump every time it rattles the windows and I screech a little with excitement. I enjoy the rush, it scares me a little but I like it.IMG_7234-1

I’m reminded of being in Florida last month. We were at a late night pool party and the air was damp with humidity as it had been hot all day. There was a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder.  It felt like only a second before the rain poured down. It was warm and wet and felt soft on my skin. I was in my bathing suit but  I wanted to be free. I removed it and tossed it into a pile. There in the hot Florida night I danced naked in the rain.  Arms over my hear to the beats of the music. I was free at last.

add some spice to your life already

Girls were working out in the park.  They start in a circle then change formation to watch the teacher. I stopped to have a sit in the grass and done awesome 002Needed to  cool down from the hot heat on the bike ride. Was tired on the bike today, really warm out today. Humid.

Sat down for a cold refreshing one on the bench and felt calm.  Gonna get a new style done awesome 003The stuff is in my hair is hot and it feels like I’m in direct afternoon sunlight on a hot summer day.  It kinda burns a bit but it’s good.  I’m starting to get excited for Pride. I get talking about past times and all the girls start calling and we make plans.  OMG its so fun.  I love.

hair done awesome 005Its hot, burning right now a bit. I love coming here. I was so crazy with a mind a racin’ that I wasn’t relaxed. Now I’m relaxed. Beautiful outside right now, lovely. I looked at your picture but it wasn’t you it was an inposter of you circa something. I laughed. Facebook on phone means double notifications and major annoyance. Don’t like it.

Do like getting my hair done. The colour is setting in.  Its gonna be bright. hair done awesome 008

I’m  gonna freak out at first like I always do then love it. It’s going to be perfect for the weekend. I love it.

pleasant thoughts fill the head when read

The other day I found a little notebook in my desk.  The noted were all made in April 2008. This is the first time I’ve typed them out and now I’m sharing with you. I hope you like them. The photos are from the warehouse the other day. It’s a creative space I adore.

act as if it is impossible to fail

ride me by casie stewart,  april 16, 2008

sunny outlook, brand new, fresh book

sun shining outside, take the bike out for a ride

feel the sun shine on your face, biking fast, win your own race

light a cig, turn up the tunes

nothing like the sun in the afternoon

xo love the warehouse

flare by casie stewart, april 16 2009

free spirit flowing lyrics,  let it out,  scream & shout!

don’t be shy let the words fly,

across the page like sprinkled sage

like you lost your age!

define yourself in this life

open your mind, let the words suffice

you are the director, a mind reflector

direct your movie

let your lyrics move me