what do you do on a palendrome day

start it the same way you end it?

01022010 –Numbers ‘count’ as palendromes and today is one.  This is a really long one and good for the day: Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era [more].

I have fun on the internet…for example:  I just clicked a link from a guy on twitter and it took me to a tumblr when I clicked on it and found this site: My Life Is Average. At first I thought, average, like ordinary..who wants to be ordinary? But that’s not it, it’s little things not so bad like simple pleasures and some are funny. Like this:

“On Thanksgiving, my grandma asked my cousin and me what “wtf” means. Not wanting to destroy her innocence, we told her it means “where’s the fudge.” She then spent the rest of the night saying “wtf” to everyone in the family. MILA”

Legendary fun for the whole family I reckon. I can see Jenie and I and the cuzzies.  My cousin Matt (with the camera) came to visit me in Australia and party this one time (fb pic). It was epic.

chasing your own tail around the christmas tree

Holidays are pretty much the busiest time of the year…for everyone. This week I’m running around like freaking MANIAC. It seems, so is everyone else I know/need to see/like/love/try to avoid.

Tonight is the finale for one of our shows at work, you might have heard of it, Peak Season? Anyhooters, I’ll be tweeting away for that tonight. Tomorrow I’m getting my teeth whitened thanks to Pure Med Spa. Hope it doesn’t hurt! Wednesday is the ever famous HoHoTO that I’m planning to make an appearance at. Thursday, is  pretty much the last day before I leave to finish up all my work for blogMuch/MTV cause Friday is filled with holiday jazz. Thursday night I’ve got my sista coming by to pick up holiday prezzies for the whole fam-dam.

Ah…take a deep breath…all I really wanna do is this…..

leave that nine to five up on the shelf

Leaving 15 minutes earlier didn’t get us here any faster. National Car Free day but CP24 was showing massive traffic. Feel like it’s gonna be a productive one. Wore my wellies, there’s a rain-a-coming.

Had a good sleep, back’s getting better. Feeling quite creative today.Might paint tonight. Time for a new sketch book again. I’ve filled up two every quarter for the past year.

Found out I’m getting the new CK for men in the mail soon. Will have some samples too. I hope i comes in a big box. I wonder what catering will bring for lunch today. I’m reading a new book by Tucker Max. There’s a movie coming out of it. Pretty hilarious. I really should write down more stories. The ones that go untold and would never  be published here. I’ve done some pretty ridiculous and hilarious things. I’m thankful for all my experiences as they make me who I am today.

I’m behind on FB & email messages, will get to that later. Gonna check a few bitches off my list so I feel good when lunch rolls in.

Have a GREAT day! Bye.

p.s. Happy Birthday to my twabe Rachel a.k.a @stealingkitty in Texas she turns 40 today! I sang her happy birthday on 12 seconds this morning 🙂 Love ya xo

because when it’s quiet the only sound is the voice in my head

Rain today. Calming, refreshing, inspiring. I wear earphones to block out the noise. No noise. Silence helps me connect my thoughts. Creative thoughts. Creative thoughts on making things. Making things creative.

waiting……………………………#borderlineartistic on 12seconds.tv

On the way in I saw an adorable old woman with a cane who had just placed a ‘P’ sign on the sidewalk in front of her house. There was already one car parked on the lawn. “That’ a great idea” I shouted. There are a few people around the are doing it while the CNE is on.

We wanted to do that at my old house on the Danforth during Taste of the Danforth since we lived right where the action was. We never ended up doing it because we always had friends over. They parked in the spots. I should have invited them over and said “hi friends, thanks for coming. It’s $10 to park here” . Haha, funny money.

The sun just came out. Wore two different socks today.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

you’ve won an all inclusive vacation to balconia

Nice outside today.

I had a teacher in college that said he was spending the summer in beautiful Balconia and I  assumed it was somewhere in Europe. Nope, Blaconia = balcony, as in your own. It’s a more mod and exotic way to say the now popular term ‘staycation’.

These are something things in my room I like a lot.

Natalie Dee = favorite comic. She’s a riot. She posts new ones everyday. I have heaps of hers saved to look at later. This is a good one. One of my first blog stickers is on the bottom.

One of my most favorite photos us us girls. It was in the back yard at Mum’s one summer. It’s been ages since I went home. I reckon i’m due.

We used to have this Zen page-a-day calendar at home back in the 1990’s.  I always really like the Shakespeare ones.