i can hear you calling my name

I love this city, I do. For some reason, probably many reasons, I started feeling a travel bug this week. Maybe it’s the over whelming amount of things I need to do, starting with cleaning my room (again) and organizing the piles of paper, replying to emails, blogging about things that already happened. That’s the thing about the internet and having a blog about life, sometimes you just want to stop and go back to living a life like those other people who don’t internet their lives.  I caught up on sleep this weekend and spent some time with my sister. This stuff helps. I also hung out with my first love, he came to visit and I wondered if there is a spark still there, 10 years later, he’s still great but I think we’ve grown too far apart. I miss that someone special I was hanging out with for a while last year, it all ended so fast. Not having closure gives me anxiety. You get busy and forget about your heart sometimes but when it’s a rainy day at home you miss that love you once had. I can’t seem to find my flip cam in my room, I’m sure it’s just hiding, I know it’s there. I downloaded a whole bunch of apps to my phone last night, there’s this one police light that doesn’t the blue/red with sound. There’s a strobe light too. I’m sure I’ll fond some silly place to put it to use it along with the cheezy soundbyte apps. I’m getting a new tattoo tomorrow. Still have to send in my LGFW schedule for work. I’m most looking forward to Barbie on Thursday. I’ve been watching movies all day and they’re having an effect on my mood for sure,  one romantic comedy after another. I really should put on something more happy or funny. Why is my blog being so slow today? Ah, get into  that later. I think it needs a makeover anyways. My hair has faded a bit and looks more grey than purple/blue now.

Ok, that’s all for now. Just reached for my sketch book, I’ll use that to cheer me up with cartoons & colour.

flock of eagles

It really does not matter what you have, what you had, want, or what you own. You are whoever you want to be. How you perceive yourself has the biggest impact on how others perceive you, this is my belief and something I live. It was my dear mum that ingrained in me, “just because you don’t have money, doesn’t mean you can’t compete, you just have to be more creative”. Luckily for myself, I’ve always been rich in that department. The book in this post is one that I really, truly love and admire. It is written by Paul Arden one of the world’s top advertising guys who comes from a great career with Saatchi & Saatchi.

This is not merely a ‘book‘, this is a bible for the creative, those driven to succeed who couldn’t even ever imagine what it’s like to ‘think inside the box‘. It has taught me tools to succeed in the world, to dream the unimaginable, to break the rules, and make my own path, leaving trails for others to follow. This book is about stretching the mind and thinking about where you want to be in the world. Do you want to be well known? The best in your field? Your country? Best in the world? Or best in the universe?

You decide. I know where I want to be.

Posted on September 26, 2008

Can’t Fly with the Eagles if You’re with the Seaguls – Mum

i hid you from my newsfeed on facebook

i don’t wanna see your updates…i don’t want to know what you are doing…i don’t want to know how you feel about your day…or who commented on it…i don’t want to see who you reply to…or who you’re friends with now…

i don’t wanna remove you completely, i just want you out of my thoughts right now… i don’t want to think about you…see your name…your recent activity…your face in the little square box…i hope you still read mine at work or home before bed…

i fee like things got turned upside down… it’s easier to live out of sight out of mind…i censor what i see because i can…it made me hide a few others too like an old’s new girlfriend and negative thinkers…

you know me, i like rainbows, unicorns and stars.

it’s a beautiful say in the neighbourhood

Tweeted the pic to @blogTo yesterday morning and voila….now this is popular media!

Toronto Star!

Snoetry, graffiti in the snow…beat that Banksy.

it’s like a time machine that connects all the time

i can’t write today,
something’s wrong.
i can’t smile today,
life is a sad song.
my heart hurts…
so does my foot
in my shoe.
today is a sad day,
without you.

I wrote this poem when I was 14 many moons ago. It was published in an anthology called Jeans, I was co-author. I love picking up our book and reading things I wrote back then. Amazes me how they’re relevant and somehow connected to this future version of me.  I never really thought about putting out a second edition but today I did.  There is nothing stopping me but myself. I love writing and have written heaps and heaps of poems, hundreds in fact. I don’t know or really care if anyone even buys the book. I wanna write it (put it together)  to show myself  I can.  I know I can.  I can.

balance sheet: january 27 2010 9:59pm

Sometimes I feel like it really knows me. We spend by far the most time together, late nights, all day at work,  mobile, me and the internet.

I’ve been suprised recently by suggestions Facebook makes, or genius in itunes,  random captchas,  the little things. For example, today FB suggested I use mobile cause I don’t yet and in little text below said “this person & “thins person” are using it, I smiled. They were both boys I dated, how did you know that FB, I never really told you. You little creeper.

FB was like, casually suggesting I should creep on over to their profile and see what they’ve been up to lately. I chuckled a little.  Oh internet…

I find I remember stuff more now than ever. I like to take screen shots of trending topics on Twitter. It’s a snapshot of millions of conversations worldwide.  I also like to write things down when I think of them. Smartphone is good for that, emailing yourself notes.