Entrepreneurs Don’t Call in Sick, They Work

When you work for yourself you can’t really call in sick. I felt a bit of a cold coming on when I woke up so I’m going to work from bed today with hope of kicking this by tomorrow. In Boston this weekend and a cold is not an accessory I’d like to pack. Y’know what I’m sayin’?


I’m cookin’ up lots of fun stuff to share with you over the next coming weeks. Thinking that my new classes from Clearly Contacts will arrive today. I might whip up a nice home made soup this afternoon. If you are AT ALL feeling sick here’s two cures from my darling Mum that will kill those bad germs like the soldiers in Louie Pasteur kids book (it was my fav!).  Cure for throat here & cure for overall cold/sickness here. Thanks Mum 🙂



P.S. I entered to win this TRIP TO BAHAMAS. You can too right here. Mum just came back from a year there and wouldn’t we ALL love to be there right meow. <3


I’m a gangster for real, I feel so damn gangster

I love this photo. Took it today as soon as I got home from the airport using the 360 app on iPhone. I find this city so beautiful to come home to.


Have you heard of Pigeon John? Khayyamm always has good tunes and I was introduced to him when we were in Sin City last week. He’s not really a gangsta’ and neither am I.

I came all the way home TO THE FREEZING COLD in Havaianas. Crazy woman! Packed socks in my bag so I was warm on the plane but couldn’t not be bothered to get other shoes just to run to the car. I was tired and lazy.


My ankle is really swollen and my foot hurts. I have an old injury from about five years ago that is painful every now & then (love that movie). Urghhhh. I did however. spend the entire day on the couch (the internet). I’m doing hot/cold on it and have a castor oil compress for the night (thanks Mum!).


I’m always stoked to check the mail when I get home from work/vacation. I was VERY pleasantly surprised with a bunch of jewellery I ordered from Etsy (late one night) and a box with the warmest, wooly, winter slippers EVER.  They’re called Glerups and they’re from Denmark with a lovely family story about how they’re made. Glerups are made from 100% natural wool. Swoooooooon!


Being Kiwi I’ve had wool slippers before but never as fancy as these.  (I feel Mum is going to ring once she reads this saying she needs a pair!) Check out other styles (men, women, slipper, shoe) at Gerlups.ca. I got the black Women’s Slipper that retails for $99 CAD. I’ve been wearing them since I got ’em! They are SO incredibly warm. Thanks for sending Sadie!

Cougar Boots from Matchstick

This post is waaaaaay overdue…. Cougar & Matchstick sent boots way back in September but the weather was so lovely and warm I didn’t bust them out for months. And well, there’s no way for me to review something if I haven’t really given it a try! Now that winter is here I’ve been wearing them and they’re quite lovely. Leather & suede outer, slight heel and comfy to walk in. They’re not the warmest I’ve ever worn but luckily it hasn’t been THAT cold.

Here’s me doing a little dance last time I got my hair done! You can get Cougar Boots at The Bay, SoftMoc, Sears or online at cougarboots.com. (Beware their site has auto music!)

Stay warm out there!

* For mega warm boots for your tootsie toes check out my posts on Moovboots!

If You’re Happy & You Know It, Show It!

Reckon I’ve been a bit slack on work since I got back from Mexico last week. I’ve got the holiday tunes on the tele and a few posts in the pipeline. I think we’re BACK! So, as I get crackin’ on all that jazz here’s a pic (not from iPhone) from the new Nikon J1 of me and this mornings delicious pain au chocolat. Balcony grass is really charming this tie of year.

Since I switched to iPhone the ability to cut out using computer & camera to post creative stories had been cut drastically. I’m ready to embark on a new blog challenge come January and make good use of both the new Nikon and Olympus cameras.

Have you seen this crazy light show that was done for the AMA’s? AMAZING.

Dancing Circles

Feeling like I might be coming down with something. Figures, post vacation and entering holiday season, confined to the house and the couch. Ok, it’s not that bad, all I really want to do is be on the couch with my computer anyways. Had to reschedule today’s shoot for next week. Barbie is away till the end of the year so I’m home all alone. I feel like my place is The Factory, a la Warhol and I’m gonna to churn out some really creative stuff before 2012.

outside seems so much more appealing

I dressed like winter today. I have no idea why. I woke up and was whining ‘it’s cold‘ meanwhile staring at the Weather Network on Blackberry seeing 21 degrees and partly cloudy. I’m a dress/skirt girl. I wore pants and a hat and a big frumpy wooly sweater.  I prove to myself  all my thoughts I’ve had for two days of  ‘I’m not feeling great’.  It’s Friday afternoon and the office is quiet and I know there are beers being had on patios around me.  School next door has free drinks after work and all of a sudden I feel better.


The phone rings and it’s Mum who’s calling from the boat up North and has the day off.  It’s lovely to hear her and chat but I’m in the office and have been working really hard can’t leave yet and have more work to do and don’t really have the time to chitty-chat and get sidetracked. We always talk about blog for a minute or two.  She misses it today because there’s no internet yet on the boat for blog reading.  I told her I laid in the grass at lunch and had a smoke and it was nice and sunny on my face.  I get to the point where I have to say “MUM, I’ve got to go‘ in a stern voice and I feel like a character in a chicklit book trapped at the office. I like it.   The book is being written as I live it out each day.  It’s my favorite story.


I like this picture.  I like how little my feet are. These babies are a kids size 3 in the US and 2.5 in the UK. That’s mini.

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