Sun Day




It’s incredibly beautiful & sunny on the lake today.


Tuesday night I went to the SS 2012 preview for Mark’s. I’m always impressed with the style. I’m looking to get a few nice dress shirts & cardigans before summer (who’s growing up nowwwwww?!). There is a rose cardigan that matches my rose tattoo I must have. I’ll have some pix from the lookbook soon. Honestly though, go to a Mark’s store, you will be surprised!


Finally went into CB2 design on Queen. I was in Boston or Vegas so I missed the launch party. Beautiful shop. Love how they left the exposed brick from the Big Bop and the classic sign. I feel like it was just yesterday I was hanging out there for bands & fetish parties.


New Instagram stickers arrived from Printstagram yesterday. Thanks Bob for shipping from Boston via China. Stickers with shipping to Canada come to $20 which you can pay with PayPal. This is my second round, I simple love the little things.


Stopp by to visit my girls at Doll Bar. Have you been there before? It’s a lovely place. I really want to get extensions but my hair isn’t long enough yet. I’m having an inner conflict over do I cut it or do I grow it?


Good things come to those who…


Watched State of The Union last night (sounds like a movie, no?). Obama is a great speaker. I find him really charming. I used to blog about him heaps before he was President. Love this photo essay from his college years in Time Magazine. Click image to see it all again.

When I was growing up I used to go to dance competitions in New York and Myrtle Beach fairly often. I was in love/obsessed with the American flag.  I had jackets, shorts, shirts, hats GALORE. Jenie and I had matching full sequin flag hats. Snapped this photo at the Boston airport the other day. I love Instagram.

In other American news my young Canadian friend from the west coast, Alex Kazemi recently interviewed LANA DEL REY. I love her. Check out his interview here.

I’ve been on a bit of an optimism kick this week. I’m working on some exciting projects with awesome people that I will tell you about in DUE TIME. Reminded myself of Optimism Girl last night. Did you know she’s over 16 now? Crazy. This will perk you up no matter what kind of day you’re having.

This morning I have a car service taking Sammy & I to Pearson Airport for a luncheon with HP & Air Canada. No, not leaving the country yet though! Will be at the DX3 conference later in the afternoon. Getting really stoked for Austin & SXSW in March. Started prep with my panel mates and loving our ‘Narcism Notes’. Chuckle to myself there haha 😉

Couple goodies from friends for the day: 

Have a wonderful day. I hope the sun shines bright on your beautiful face.


I woke up to a feeling, every little thing has meaning.


Went to a really cool Boston bar last night called Lucky’s. They have a drink named after me called Firecracker. Omg it was so good. I think I had too many. Preparing for a 2pm hangover.


My flight today was cancelled so I’m getting home later tonight then planned. Bob and I are going for breakfast and I’m going to get the greasiest thing I can. Extra time at the airport (cause of delay) is good for getting work done. I’m sure I’ll have a breaking life report by then!

Happy Monday. Keep fit & have fun xoxo


How can I be more grateful for the love & abundance around me and share it with the world?


Went to this lovely little diner for breakfast today. It’s in Newton called Johnny’s Luncheonette, they have awesome latkes & matzo balls and all kinds of other good stuff. Been top of the ‘Best in Boston’ lists for years.


I had the most divine sampler with crunchy toast, french toast, bacon, sausage, eggs and strawberries all topped off with icing sugar and a cup of maple syrup. It’s been a few hours and I’m still full.


It was really sunny.


Title of this post is from a photo I saw of something in Courtney Love’s West Village Townhouse. She’s a contributing editor to XO Jane and the photos & captions done by Jane are simply beautiful. See it here.

I think I will live in New York at least once.

This weekend has been a wonderfully chilled out break from the first 20 days of the year traveling to and from parties and conferences in Toronto, Detroit & Vegas. I’m at my friends house for a couple hours, their backyard is like a winter wonderland forrest.

Ellen and I are doing a yoga class in about an hour. She’s a yoga teacher but were going to a new studio. After class we head back to the house for BBQ steak dinner. I’m back to Toronto tomorrow afternoon and will be happily at home for a few weeks. Yay!


We got snow from here to Nantucket

I think I might hibernate in my hotel all day. There’s a couple inches of snow out my window and a few dozen Japanese girls outside my door. No idea what we are doing tonight. The Rocky Horror show last night was AMAZING. I need to be part of a show on stage this year. I spent most of my childhood performing on stage. I miss it!!

Have an awesome (lazy) day xo





We’re second best in the world! Embrace Winter!

Toronto’s been named second best city in the world! The big apple took the cake for first place but hey, it’s NEW YORK. Read it here in the Globe & Mail.


We had a mini blizzard in Toronto today. When I say ‘we’ I mean Toronto and not the kind of blizzard you get from Dairy Queen! Brrrrr.

Took this pano from the balcony just before sunset.


The weather was really moody today all up, down, angry, then the sun finally came out. I felt a bit like that too. This video is down by the lake when I was almost BLOWN OVER.



Stopped by the beach in the afternoon. No really, I went to the urban beach even though it was FREEEEZING.  Sand & snow!


Embrace winter!


I love how the boats look, pretty, peaceful and cold. I have so man memories from this spot.


Hung out at CTS with Emma in the afternoon and she dressed me in a full leather outfit.


Decided to walk back from my meeting to get some fresh air.


Hanging out with these guys tonight.


These are my favourite chocolate treats if you are wondering what to get me for valentines.


In celebration of Toronto’s awesomeness and being one of the BEST CITIES to live in here’s a lovely tune from GTA cool kids Walk Off the Earth called ‘Corner of Queen’. Queen Street FTW!