After being sick for the last 10 days I am finally feeling better. I’ve had cough, cold, sore throat, stomach flu, and more sleep than perhaps ever. My batteries are recharged to start the year.


I’m back in Toronto and it’s nice to be home. Holidays home with family and friends were so much fun.

Hung out w/ Dad and Skyped our family in New Zealand.


Jenie and I wore the same thing on Christmas. We are becoming more twinsey.


Mum has some reading to do.


Mega snow came but it didn’t bother anyone!





Made some robot puppets and had sushi the other night.






This $75 La Senza Gift Card has Your Name on It!

I alsolutely love the holidays, lights glitter, action, love in the air, family, and fun. Today I went to Dufferin Mall and whoa what a CRAZY place. It was full of families shopping, Christmas music, and deals! I took advantage of the massive sale happening at La Senza and got a few goodies for people on my list, and of course myself!


My friends at La Senza have graciously given a $75 gift card for YOU, my loyal and loving blog readers this holiday season. I will send it to you in the mail with a holiday card to you can treat yourself or stack up on stocking stuffers for your loved ones.

I got a THIS gorgeous red set from the Red Hot Collection during TIFF (see here). Not too long ago I got a set from the SHOW OFF Collection which is still available in store. There’s a bunch of Christmas themed treats for you bad Santas out there too.

 Wanna win?

Tweet me AND La Senza with that’s on YOUR wish list for the holidays. Clicking this lil’ button will open a window for you to Tweet us. If you don’t have Twitter, leave a comment on this post below and I’ll count you in.

All Tweets will be published in and a winner chosen at random. Love you heaps and looking forward to your tweets. THIS GIFT CARD HAS YOUR NAME ON IT BABY!

 Love, CASIE <3



Faded Soul, Napajiri Jacket, Blondes, Ch*Armz

About a month ago I got this jacket from Faded Soul online. I love it. It’s got a cool shape, nice front pockets, has a big hood, and fits like a poncho. I creeped online to learn it’s from European brand Napajuri. They have a really cute campaign with a couple travelling across Europe in the clothes. People get to vote on what they do on the journey. I want to BE IN this campaign. It’s so cute. She’s blonde too.

I’ve been asked where I got it so I checked and there are still more!  The site is fadedsoul.com and you can find it here. Mine is a size small. I think there might be a fur hood to add from what I see in photos.


Hat H&M, pants Yoga Jeans from ShopGirls, boots Sam Edelman, bag Nella Bella

Faded Soul is a new Canadian internet store that is owned by a friend of a friend. They have heaps of stuff for guys and girls. They’re on Facebook and Twitter too. Brock ordered some sweet John Varvatos shoes and posted photos here.

I was immediatley attracted to this other brand I’d never heard of called ‘Blondes make Better T-Shirts’. The shirts are, well, blonde and fun. I got the ‘Skinny’ and ‘Pull’. Tres cute.


Last week I was sent this striped ballet shrug from Ch*arms. I wasn’t sure what was arriving but once opened the package I knew these were gonna come in handy.  I also got set of sleeves that velcro to your bra strap for under short sleeve shirts. I wish I thought of this! They retail for $28 and can be purchased online at ch-armz.com.

I have some more fashion things to blog this week; new jeans, Ted Baker opening, Thomas Sabo project. Congrats again to Obama. I’ve been on his team for five years now. Doh, I should be out the door to work already! Byeeeeee.

Have an awesome day!


SANDY! Oh noes.

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Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.

It’s hard to deny the fact that we might be facing snow today. Actually, it IS fact and there is nothing I can do about it. Title is a quote by Mark Twain which I’m sure you knew already. When ever someone complains about the weather, this quote runs through my head until I can’t hear them anymore. There’s no point in complaining! I reckon it’s my last chance to don my favourite winter wear and go to bed early (aka hibernate).


The sky looks grey and gloomy. I’m brewing up a sage tea to gargle with for the sore throat I woke up with. I managed to avoid getting sick all winter but alas, I am a mere mortal and it got me. Here’s  Mum’s sage tea remedy for sore throat and thyme bath for colds.





Found these old photos of Mum & Dad. Where exactly is this one with the CN tower. I think it’s right near my place?


Turned my living room into a DIY studio and made a few accessories.



My BFF Keri Blog came back to town yesterday. I’M SO GLAD SHE’S BACK. We watched the show Rogers did on me last month. I can’t wait to show you once I get it online.


I’m at FITC (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.) this week from Mon-Wed. The conference features over 70 renowned digital creators from around the globe sharing knowledge of the best and brightest in the digital space. It’s my second year as a Digital Corespondent for TAXI, one of the worlds leading creative agencies. See last year’s writeup on designtaxi.com and this blog.

Planning to put on my glasses & nerdy disguise to soak up as much info as I can. It’s going to be a couple quiet days while I get my voice back and kick this cold. I stayed in all weekend with a movie marathon trying to recharge my batteries but it seems my body is telling me to chill out. I guess it’s a good thing summer isn’t quite here yet.

Have an awesome day 🙂 


P.S. Did you notice the changes I made to sidebar, added Instagram, Pinterest, subscribe by email, and Tumblr feed. You like?




Sun on the face. Senators only.




Welcome to Canada.


Baby blue.


“I’m melting”


The Blondetourage: expressed as neon wolves made of ice at Winterlude 2012.


Full circle.



Walked from my hotel down to the mall, through the market, around Parliament, through Winterlude, across the canal and back. Kevin was a great tour guide and I posted all kinds of beautiful things you won’t see here I saw on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Keek, Facebook and a 360 view from Parliament Hill. It’s fairly mild and the sun felt good on my face. I will remember this day forever.

Don’t have hair & makeup till 7:30pm, it’s nap time. Might watch a movie too.