Who could hang a name on you? When you change with every new day.

Who could hang a name on you?  When you change with every new day.


Hello, hope the day is treating you well.

Huge haul at The Sweet Potato last night. I made a nice healthy dinner and he played records. I also made kale chips. Who am I?! If this is growing up, I really like it. Feels good to have quiet nights at home after being on the go for the last 5 years at every event in the city. I’m much pickier about the things I go to these days.


The sky in Toronto was really beautiful last night.



Had a drink and snack at The Drake hotel with a former colleague from MTV. My how times change! It’s always nice to catch up with old friends. If they’ve been reading my blog, we seem to always pick up right where we left off.

Pretty stoked to go to Boston next weekend. Crazy thing, the people from CityPASS contacted me after I mentioned them in the CAA post last week about travelling to NY & LA. The power of THE INTERNET is truly amazing! Looking forward to touring around the city and showing Sean all my fav spots. We’ll start with Harvard, MIT, and the Boston Common. Hopefully we have spring weather by then!


Remember, you’ll never be younger than you are today!


Ich Bin in Berlin

Hallo from Germany!!!

Fashion Week in Berlin kicked off today–EXCITING! Since I’ve been anxiously waiting 4 months since my arrival, I’m totally pumped to be covering BFW! In true #ALT fashion I wasn’t even going to attend any shows or parties tonight–after all, even though it is opening night, it’s almost better to be too cool to bother going to the mainstream stuff. Instead of making my way down to the defunct airplane hangar playing host to the international trade fair Bread & Butter, I decided to walk around Kreuzberg (read: hipster’s playground) and see what came my way.

cool dj spinning techno vinyls totes fash amaze

It turned out that right around the corner after having a sushi dinner was an awesome photography exhibition party starring the edgy fashion photographer Tea Xuxu Nanuti happening at Galleria Butterfly Summit, a multi purpose gallery & store for design, art and photography.

schwarzweiss photos

Took a few snaps, had a few shots, all and all it was a great little warm up for what’s to come this week.

strange fashions

Auf wiedersehen for now my lieblings…

xoxo jgrdnr loop jgrdnr

PS. If you guys are tired of using Instagram you should check out EYEEM, a social photo sharing app which I used for the cool effects you see on the photos. & I made the gif on Loopcam, both of which you can download for free. Made in Berlin baby! This city is not just the capital of Germany but it is pretty much the startup capital of Europe right now. On fiyaaaa!

Travel in Style: Tripit!

I was introduced to the Tripit app last night by a friend who travels heaps. Man, was I ever glad today when I signed up! In two minutes I logged in with Google, forwarded  upcoming itineraries and voila! All my flight info was right there in my phone with flight & contact numbers and more. Having all your info conveniently located in your phone and updated in real time is very stylish. The other best part, it’s FREE!


Jungle Sounds All Around


I’ve never gone on vacation alone to some place warm & relaxing. I’m filled with childlike excitement knowing all the things I can do here. I’ve decided to stay in Montezuma village one night this week and check out the Costa Rica Film Festival. Surfing & yoga today and a one day sailing trip to an island before Friday.


I’m reminded a few things being here… I really love iPhone, life, sunshine, wifi, meeting new people and traveling. Had Skype video calls with Mum at home, Bob from Boston and KMS in Auckland to show them around Anamaya Resort from my iPhone. It’s like THE FUTURE is already here.

My room is lovely. Currently downloading Crazy, Stupid, Love so I can fall asleep with my boyfriends Ryan Gossling and (Andy) iPad.


Outside I hear all kinds of jungle sounds like monkeys and birds that remind me of a sleep app I have on iPad but realer.  There’s a few voices speaking Spanish in the distance but it’s quiet compared to home.

I sat in this hammock for a while today staring out into the ocean. It was magical.



 This resort is very well designed. Kudos to the owners & thank you for having me. One can only DREAM what it’s like to call this place your home. Even at night the infinity pool looks lovely. All that darkness is ocean meets sky.


Everyone has dinner together which is really nice. I had salmon, beets and vegetables but they cater to everyones food allergies like gluten free and all those other ones (I’m clueless about!).


Chilled in this area for a little while today too. There’s lots of space for everyone to hang out. I wonder if that TV has cable so I can watch the Y and R? Omg I just remembered I will be one week behind if I don’t? I think it’s n Netflix now though. Anyone, Bueller?




Have a yoga class on this patio at 8am.


I wonder how much more chilled out I’m gonna be after this trip. I reckon HEAPS!

Early to bed & early to rise for this little kitten! Meow. <3 CASIE

* all photos from iPhone!

eagle preparing to fly

Before I fly I always get a little bit of anxiety. I’ve always been with someone when I’ve flown and this time I was meeting friends in Florida and flew by myself.  To make sure I was ready I put on my chain with a star and eagle feather. I added a Tiki that Dad brought me back from NZ to the chin before I left too.


I’ve been working on a project called Flock of Eagles and the eagle feather makes me feel strong. I also put on bracelets from Mum that traveled all the way from New Zealand.  That way I had a little bit of family with me.


I also made sure I got tanned up and toned up my muscles. The flight was smooth and I arrived to the hot sun in just over 3 hours. More posts coming soon about trip etc.


the batch in new zealand. you don’t say?

I’m watching the Bachelor, well listening to it while I do things around the house. Anyhow, one of the destinations for the show that is on next episode is New Zealand. Looks to me like they are in the beautiful and warm North Island where they take a helicopter flight over the massive hill ranges followed by a bungy jump, Possibly in Taupo? I watched Dad bungy jump there when I was 12. I wanted to do it so bad. You had to be 13. I’m still upset about it. Most of my family lives in New Zealand and they are cool. I have Canadian & New Zealand citizenship which is very lucky, thanks to Mum & Dad!! If you are looking for the best trip of your life and a way to show yourself how awake and alive you are, get moving and plan a trip to the Land of Plenty!!

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