sometimes you’re up & sometimes you’re just average

Hello Monday,

Nice to see you again. Not a “case” of you today more like a sort of “amazing case” fills the air around me and makes me feel sunny between all these clouds and raindrops. [Case of the Monday’s Mum, it’s from Office Space, a movie]

My stylist came over last night and after the hot tub time machine, lectured me that I NEED to make time to get my hair done.  I desperately need to go in, but seriously, have not  had the time. [Sorry!] I’m going to have to zip over there during the day for an hour this week. Fashion Week is coming and I’ve been invited to a bunch of shows this year including……..BARBIE!  I’ve had a bunch of interview requests recently too,  so like, seriiiiiiously need ma hair did. The WORST is having your photo documented in history…[dun dun dun] with BAD HAIR. [Talk about first world problems….haha]

Made an appointment for my new tattoo yesterday. Right forearm, hot. The guy who is doing my tattoo looks kinda like this babe  I tumbled across last night.  I never blog about boys, and rarely post  photos of them, it’s better that way.

Random thought….I have this terrible fear of one day, losing my memory, the only thing I will have to remember is this blog and that is how I will know who my friends are, events, people who matter and those I love. I guess that drives me.

I remember when I was little my Mum [wisdom queen] saying “there’s something special about you Casie” and I believed her.

Feeling cold and like snuggling up in my bed. Had a pho for lunch which made me warm but extra tired. Woke up super early to Sabrina’s alarm at 5ish AM and couldn’t for the life of me get back to sleep. I didn’t get to sleep in this weekend either [bummer] so tonight, I rest and relax. OK that’s all for now.

ttyl. bye.

Friday the 13th! Me = NEW TATTOO!!

Thanks to Rob at Bobby Five. Woooooooooooooooooooot!


Something spooky was happening last night…Big spiders triumphant in the night crawling, creeping across the corridor on the crackling floor . I grasped my gadget and gladly grabbed the little bugger as he danced along my arm trying to get higher. I would not let him. I refused to have him in my head. I refused to let anyone knock me dead. His little legs dangled and danced as I tossed him into the night sky. What flight may take him soaring high? It is the wind. It is the moon. Little spider, I will see you soon.

I love tattoos. Especially stick on ones.