you will be loved by somebody good

Had a really nice day yesterday. Woke up after a great sleep, spent the day relaxing, chatting with friends online, blogging from bed. Later in the evening I got myself a glass travel mug of wine and cruised over to the hot tub.

It was kinda cloudy over the water but I didn’t mind. It felt so nice to sit back and relax. I was all alone there for a while but then this one dude came in. I was glad I didn’t check-in on Foursquare, he could be the one I stole the Mayorship from! It would be so awkward if it was him. We kinda fought over reins of the Hot Tub Time Machine going back and forth for about two weeks.

I’m so excited for tomorrow. Sia and K-Cav are gonna me at MTV. ZOMG I love my job, I love my job.

If you wanna come to Sia, email

you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town

So like, do you wanna be in my band? It’s called The Best Bandever and it’s starring me.

I’ve written enough tracks to put out a double album. I sing too.

You must be really fun and like to hang out in parks and play in the sun.

Taylor Swift by Annie Leibovitz in the May issue of Vogue. Same concept.

I look like Mum here. Love you.

Did ya see this stud on Mashable today? Oh yeah, Bretten MacLean (@etothez) chatting about his TweetAgora at the Chirp conference for Twitter developers.

hurricane in the heart of devastation,

she’s a natural disaster

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a whirlwind, or my life as referred to as so.  I think it started with Mum years and years ago. I operate on fast speed, I play hard and I rarely hold back on thoughts feelings or anything really. Although, its sometimes hard throwing yourself out there (I get anxiety over it), its also allowed me to be more open, free, wild and live with no regrets.

I remember this one saying I heard that said something like ‘you need to be young & foolish in order to be old & wise’.  I surely will be very old & wise one day.  As for now, urgh, still learning. Thought I lost my phone the other day, we’ve been apart since Sunday night and it’s waiting at my concierge at the moment. I nearly died, and definitely though about dying when I couldn’t find it. I just got a new phone from Telus back in February and would hate to have to ask again!

This girl makes me love my new tattoo. I keep thinking about new ones but am not in a rush to get anything. You should see the bruise on my arm where I put the tattoo, it’s yellow and black and disgusting. I got some really EXCITING news this weekend, I’m going to Florida for memorial Day Weekend! Remember last year when I went Fetish Factory? Well, mama’s going again and this time, I’m going with those awesome friends from Boston. Pretty stoked for hot fun in the Sunshine State. YA-Hooters!

This made me happy. I often read typewriter blues. He writes these short little notes that are often so romantic, they make my heart melt. He often asks if you would like a letter in the mail and then you can fill out a form with your info on it. I filled it out yesterday, I gave him my address, I hope he writes me.

This kid makes me smile too. I never really like the little buggers kids but ah, his face is just, so damn cute.

ahoy matey, this ship’s a sailin’

I was really excited to get it and now that’s it’s done, I’m so happy. I was super picky and we put the stencil on three times before I was ready to go. I knew exactly what I wanted and when you know, you just know and since you’re gonna have it forever, you better get it right.

It was done by Stephen Shaw aka @illustratelife and yes, it hurt. I was nervous and excited, my favorite feeling ever. The part near your elbow is so sensitive, so is getting inked on any part that covers a bone.  My last couple were done by Robb Coutts at Bobby Five, he’s amazing but getting in there is near impossible these days.

People always ask “is there like, some meaning behind it?” DUH! Of course, like I’d do something just for no reason. All my tattoos are some type of reminder about something special in my life, as well as pretty decorations. I don’t feel like pouring my heart out about why I got each one but feel free to ask me IRL, I’ll tell you. I can’t imagine just walking into a shop, unplanned and getting some random thing off the wall, I gotta think my stuff out. What am I gonna do next? Hmm… just kidding MUM! haha. Ok, bye for now!

it’s more fun to see you smile

Welcome to a brand new day. What’s new? everything. Exciting times ahead in the world, in my world and probably yours too if you think about it. I’m getting a new tattoo tonight. I’m going to fashion week everyday for the rest of the week. It’s a short week! Testing out two new-ish social media tools for blog & work  SocialTalk and Keen Kong; one if for publishing and the other for engagement & listening. This stuff makes me happy. I could barely sleep last night. I’ve got heaps to do but I figure as long as I keep working hard everyday it will all get done. I always wanted to grow up and be the girl who works at MuchMusic and even works on evenings and weekends because she has an agent and her own business and cool friends who are smart and do the same kinda things and lives cool condo downtown Toronto by the water. This is my life and it’s got it’s ups and downs but I choose to make it as exciting as I possibly can. I hope you do too.

Damn rainy AGAIN today so I wore bright garden legs!  Kick kick that gloom right outta’ sight.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog. I love you.

i did it all for excitement and fun

I was sitting waaay up high with the press peeps and not paying attention to the game. First goal happened, not for the Leafs. I was not surprised.  It also doesn’t matter to me, I pick the Leafs as my team cause Toronto’s my city and I hardly ever watch hockey outside the Olympics anyways.  I l0ve the Kiss Cam (when camera goes on you, kiss person beside you) and Luke’s Troops (camera goes on Troops & tells story) the most. I also love the hockey hair and guys/girls in jerseys, Canadian celebs and people in suits.  Saw Walter Gretzky, Eugene Levy and a couple Mountie’s too. It’s a sight to be scene,  it’s awesome. Sports games are a social experience for me, out of my comfort zone, but yet I’m so easily comfortable.  People watching never goes outta style.

I could hear the announcers voice behind me as I sat there listening to his voice on the loud speaker. It was amusing, I liked it.

Changed this post (originally posted Tuesday night at about 8pm) to present tense when I got home. I’ve got a busy Wednesday ahead of me. Another event tonight. Excited for Twestival tomorrow & the 3d TV Samsung launch. Next week is Fashion Week. OMG. Seriously, March MADNESS. I need to sleep all weekend if I’m going to make it.

Tweeted some non-hockey banter and  Twitpix last night.

Elsa can’t work next week.

I need to fill her Intern position.