vacation in balconia

I walked part of the way today. So sunny and mild. Woke up early. Wore a summer dress, one that’s good for biking. The tower in the sky looks beautiful. I love when kids wear fake tattoos. So funny. Was busy in the sketch book last night. I had an art attack. This is one of about 5 new babies. I play Mario Kart on the streetcar, mostly on Fridays. I never see girls gaming but I think it would be cute if I did. Lots of work to do today. Wore my Wellies, we might get a thunderstorm. I’m undecided on my feelings about Breakfast Television and CP24. I like Frankish and Dina but the CP24 news/weather/traffic etc. all on one screen is so convenient. Its going to be really nice out. I can feel it already. I’m listening to my station. Good tunes on there. I’m DJ Basketcase.

adventure time

Friday good so far. Had a nice breakfast, nap and did my nails extra pretty. Looking springy with the pink & green favorites. I’m off to AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Nothing like having a free day to do what you like and go to the gallery! I’m planning on checking out this one again. He’s a man on a box on the top floor. I like it. I’d love a box painting of me in a cool pose. Enjoy your afternoon!!

spring has sprung out!

I went for three walks today. Yes, three. Hello spring, beach body and bike riding!

Walk 1. Brekky with some friends at the Old York Bar & Grill. I was in good company and we laughed our heads off at continuous random hilarity.
Walk 2. Went for a beautiful stroll in the Toronto Music Garden. “The garden was built in Inspired by the pictorial element in Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suites for Unaccompanied Cello with each dance movement within the suite corresponding to a different section in the garden.” [Learn more] I’m working on a video of my Toronto Symphony experience. Will publish later today! Took some cool photos by the water & in the garden.
Walk 3. My roommate and I walked down by South Beach & Marina 2. There is still ice on the water and it looked pretty neat. I did not know there was so many little places to walk around.

first post ever

My name is Casie.
This is a photo of myself on a beautiful sunny day.
I love the sun so much.
I also like dancing and drawing.

Today is a beautiful day.
I am working all day but after work…..LOOK OUT SUN HERE I COME!!

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