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this ones for my sister

Jenie met Benie in April 2006 at the MOD Club. This video is from a live set at the Hollywood Bowl.  She can play this on the guitar and does it so very beautiful. I’m thinking about you sister, love you.

Give the Gift of Giving

My friend Andrew is doing amazing things this year! Daniel is 20 years old and really making a difference in our world. Check out his inspiring interview on Daytime. The most touching part I found in the interview is that he sent out messages to about 15 people and went off to school and work and later that day over 1,000 people had been invited to attend the Networking for a Cause event. As I have shown with my actions and will continue to, it only takes one voice to start a movement. Another reason to watch, Daniel has an adorable accent!!

To RSVP to Networking for a Cause to benefit families in need and the Hospice of Peel go here.

You will have the opportunity to speed network with other business people, entrepreneurs and professionals and support a great cause. Included in the $20 minimum donation is a drink ticket, hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to network with other conscious and compassionate business people.

All the proceeds will go towards the inaugural Give the Gift of Giving program which will use the donations to help families affected by terminal illness enjoy a Christmas dinner or buy gifts for the children of the family.

Read the stories of hope for the families we are reaching out to!

For more information visit the Give the Gift of Giving site

World AIDS Day ♥

Today, December 1st is World Aids Day. The World AIDS Day website has a ton of ways that you can help educate yourself, others and get involved in the cure for AIDS. I have participated in the AIDS Walk and have supported several charities over the years. What have you done lately?
Support World AIDS Day

Here are some ideas from the World AIDS Day website:

  • Get a red ribbon collection box for your workplace, school, community centre or event to raise money and awareness of HIV.
  • Organise a red-themed fundraising event in support of the NAT. Here are some ideas of how to turn your event red for World AIDS Day:
    • Have a red non-uniform day at your school or workplace and make a donation for the privilege of wearing red
    • Do a sponsored run, bike ride or whatever takes your fancy dressed completely in red
    • Organise a red-themed party or red-themed dinner for friends and ask everyone to make a donation
    • Or come up with your own red-themed idea!

for my grandad ♥

i love and miss you
your spirit
will live forever
in my writing
you inspired me
and continue to
and i am thankful
for your love ♥