StyleMint now ships to Canada!


There’s nothing like a surprise gift in the mail to perk up a cold winter day. It’s even better when it’s something you can wear and it comes from a company owned by your favourite famous twins Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen! Nice packaging too. 

Seriously though, I love them. Once I dressed up as MK&A for Halloween. We had venti Starbucks cups and huge purses as accessories with heaps more accessories on top.

Other members of team JewelMint  & ShoeMint, are Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson and celeb stylist Cher Coulter and Nicole Chavez.

This ‘Le Beau Necklace‘ is silver plated chains wrapped around 14K gold plated ring on a brass faceted cable chain. Love.


At StyleMint you pick a bunch of things you like, then MK&A ‘style you’. Once I connected with FB they picked my style matched with famous short haired blonde’s and even styled me with a boyfiend who was tall with long hair and a beard. If you know anything about me you know that those boys are my fav. ♥! Spot on with the outfit choices.

I love buying shoes online and have gone a *bit* overboard lately on Solestruck so it was nice to see heaps of styles I wold totally buy on ShoeMint at a lower price point. Getting shoes is the mail is like SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

JewelMint is like having Kate Bosworth as yout stylish. She picked for this ring for me. I think I have one kinda like it somewhere. I need to organize my jewellery. She has really beautiful different coloured eyes.


When opportunity knocks? I’m waiting by the door.

Well, here we go packed and ready for a week of two cities, two climates, two time zones and two conferences.


It’s a beautiful day to fly and my sister is coming to meet me for brekky then wisk me off to YYZ for afternoon takeoff. Luggage packed carefully last night. Layers and all the same colour scheme to accommodate the many activities.


I’m really not sure why I need two cameras but I’m testing the new Nikon and the Olympus is my baby. Now that I have iPhone I hardly use my camera. I took, edited and am posting all this from it now. THE FUTURE.



All that stuff goes in my purse for easy access. My passport photo always gets a giggle cause I’m wearing bright red lipstick with a bow in my hair.

I love this painting. It’s the last thing I see before going out the door. The title is “keep this one” and it was done by Hinto in 2008.




The last time I did a phone stack at a meeting/dinner was GENYTO meeting meeting at The Pilot May 27, 2009 (having a blog is a great!). Was reading a post on the Kempt blog about getting together with friends. He said that when he meets with friends/colleagues they all put their phones int he middle and as htey all vibrate and make noise, you must rist the temptation to reach for your phone and if you do you have to pay.

I posted this pic in 2009 and now I know it’s called a “phonestack”. Duhhhhh! Think I’m gonna make it a game with my friends this week. Knowing me, I’ll be the first loser to reach for the phone and burn myself at my own game. LMK if you give it a try and if you win. I don’t recommend trying it with parents.

What season is it?


Busy day with meeting after meeting today and I’m fighting a headache. Can’t believe how warm it is outside. Leather jacket, no gloves or hat. All I feel like doing is curling up on the couch with my computer while someone cleans my room. A girl can dream can’t she? Typing this as I walk down King to Spadina terrified I’m going to trip and drop/break my phone. Tomorrow is a day of rest before I head to Detroit for the Auto Show Sunday. Jenie and Ryan are taking me to he airport. I love the airport!

Arrive at my destination now. Having a blog is like talking to yourself. I always loved storytelling 🙂

Happy Friday xo

Je m’appelle Casie. c’est mon premier enregistrement.

I’m hoping there will be more of this. Recording is fun. Channel is here. Any suggestions? Questions?

Apps: Shopcatch – Location Based Dealios

I know it’s post holiday and Santa probably brought youuuuuu all you wanted BUT if you’re like me and love a deal, this might just be of use. Some friends introduced me to ShopCatch, an app that shows you location based deals.


I was at home when I snapped these and it gives me a pile of post holiday deals along Queen Street and what’s happening at the Eaton Centre. I have some GC’s to use from Christmas so if it’s nice out tomorrow I’ll see  what deals have my name on them. I reckon Mum would love this to watch for Winners clearance. Keep an eye out over the next couple weeks cause they (Winner’s) mark EVERYTHING down cheap. Maybe not in the city but surely in the burbs!

Have a cool app you’d like me to check out? Send a link to