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some people have real problems…some kill it

It happens every year when the season change. You know what I mean, we all go through it. You wake up and wonder what to wear, what will it be like today? Outside? Inside at work? I think and say out loud “why don’t I wear a bikini under a parka so I’m prepared when it’s either freezing bloody cold or damn hot?” Ok…I exaggerate…

I remember this one job I kept a blanket at my desk all year round. I  never knew if I was planning for heat or air conditioning, never mind the unpredictable outdoor weather. It’s a problem but not like a really serious one…

I love fashion and style and clothes but don’t talk about them that often.  I’ve got a couple favorite blog spots that do cover fashion and they’re really good.

I  like their style and they’re all so damn cute. They are:

Go check them out. You will like.

if google was my boyfriend

I forgot something I said to Keri last night when we were hanging  out so I Tweeted her to remember. I had a three-way on Skype with Bob in Atlanta and Ellen in Boston, then Keri joined in from my place. I miss the famous Mayor of Twitter so I Google Waved him hello.

Sabrina’s letting me pick out my Christmas present so I shop online and send it to her over MSN. I also don’t know if I’ve won the Build a Bash party yet so I obsessively Tweet at them and upload Twitpics of me visiting their site.

I send photos to Posterous that update to a Facebook album and then post to Twitter. Oh the love is going round and round…

This morning we were chatting about Google being a good boyfriend…

Pros of Google BF

  • Very open communication
  • Easily connected to each other – in sync
  • We won’t can’t hide anything from each other
  • Her puts out alot
  • He knows what I like
  • Keeps track of all the blogs I like in a Reader for me
  • Makes my photos pretty and appeals to my artistic side with Picasa
  • makes it easy to subscribe to my life
  • He makes money for me and him
  • He’s got lots of room for me to grow and store stuff online
  • Manages groups well – open relationship?
  • Likes to travel the Earth
  • Helpful when I want to know something
  • Good at Jeopardy
  • Likes to get to know me
  • Good for maps and directions
  • Sorts mail and throws out junk
  • Could give me an even cooler office to work in
  • Helps with advertising

Cons of my Google Boyfriend

  • That smartass has an answer for everything
  • Terms and conditions
  • Uses algorithms all the damn time and I hate math
  • Kinda creepy collecting so much information about me
  • Sometimes throws the wrong things in the trash
  • He’s been everywhere so there’s hardly anything new to him

There’s gotta be more cons…I can’t help but see more positive 🙂

tell ME something for once and i’ll give you a prize

I love this photo.

Jenie  and I ran into Johanna and Cassie on our way home from Nuit Blanche on Saturday night.  She just sent me a bunch of photos. Thank you.

Ok, so I always tell you things I like, things I love…when the sun shines bright through the clouds,  pretty things, dressing up and riding my bike blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It’s your turn to get something free in the mail now. I’ve teamed up with Matchstick to give you a Harijuku Lovers gift set valued at $250.00.

I want you

to tell me

something you love.

To enter, send an email to contest@casiestewart.com with a photo, video or message about something you love. Please also include your full name, age and province.  Unfortunately this contest is only open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) that are over the age of 18. Really creative or hilarious entries may be posted and the odds of winning really depends on entries.

I’ll pick a winner by random draw in a 12seconds video and send your info over to Matchstick who will take it from there to deliver the package right to your door. Contest closes Oct. 23 at 5pm.

For official rules and entry crap that

nobody wants to read click here.

i think this brain would be pretty tasty

Zombies……I can’t stop thinking about them….

As soon as it turned October, it’s like my body knows it’s Halloween and I wanna dress up and wear masks and makeup and wigs and stuff. I don’t like scary movies or blood and gore but I love to dress up Zombie.

The walk is coming up Oct. 24th. There’s gong to be a bunch of us and I’d love you to join in the bloody fun. I saw some photo’s on Tony’s blog of the Hollywood Walk last week and I’m pretty sure that’s what got my Zombie thoughts into overdrive.

One more thing…

I mentioned a while ago that fellow blogger and comic drawer extraordinaire Mr. Sean Ward has taken up residence in San Francisco.  His crew just produced this new video. Check ‘er out!

Have a great day 🙂

But, they don’t all bring you lasagna at work.

Watched Clerks last night for the first time. I know. The title of this post is part of a quote from Silent Bob saying “there’s a million fine looking women in the world…”. Listening to Selah Sue. Watched a video from boy crazy Alexi. Sent my stuff to insurance from my back-ccident and snail mailed a card to someone special.

Billabong sample sale downstairs today. Lots of deals. 67 Mowat Ave first floor at Pady Sales if you wanna go, today or tomorrow.

I wanna win the Build a Bash contest from Koodo where get $50,000 to throw a party. You can join my party here but you gotta be logged into Facebook cause it uses FB Connect.

Gah, imagine I had $50K for a party. OMG.

Have a great day!