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a fashionable woman is always in love…

And so it began…the day of closet organizing. I photographed about 100 pieces and there’s  many more to go. It’s a huge job. I had a garbage bag size pile of clothes to take to the swap and at the end of the day all the leftovers go to charity.

It was at Amy’s friend Daniella’s shop Chasse Gardée, Queen and Dovercourt. So many nice things in the shop. I spotted about 20 pairs of shoes I’d love to own.  Smile for the cam-cam ladies!

People brought clothes throughout the day so the merch was always changing. I ended up going back later with Keri and donating more clothes. Oh it felt so good to give them away!

We all managed to find a few jems. There was lots of really nice stuff (vintage, designer).

Demin jacked I’ve now altered, vintage dress and brand-new-tags-on FCUK mini dress with pockets. Steal.

I am now the proud owner of a room where there are no clothes on the floor, EVERYTHING is clean and has a home. It’s been ages. I feel like my mind is free from clutter, finally! I’m thankful for my first job at the GAP in 1996, everything is perfect folded.

I’m totally inspired to host my very own swap with wine and cheese. Stay tuned. I reckon before the holidays (which are very quickly approaching).

It’s so beautiful outside today, like a second summer.

Enjoy it.

I’m going for a bike ride. Woot – Sunday Funday!

p.s. Taylor Swift was hilarious on SNL last night and I love her.

i heard swine flu gives you pig tail

I hate this stupid H1N1. I hate hearing about it an seeing the long lines of people non TV. You will not catch me lined up. I reckon you’re more likely to get swine flu in the line of ‘high risk’ people. I mentioned on Twitter I wasn’t gonna get a flu shot. Peter Mansbridg and I exchanged a few DM’s (direct messages). He told me I’m in a high risk group and that not getting it was selfish. Gah!

I love that the Raptors & Leafs players got the shot already. ‘High Risk’ my ass. That doesn’t make sense, I know. If you have money you can probably buy a shot from a private clinic. Who says we don’t have two tier health-care? ha!

I wondered what the Swine Flu, urgh, I mean H1N1 looks like through a microscope. Like a pig I reckon…

outbreak, outbreak, there’s an outbreak of chaos!
crashing and burning, spreading like wildfire!
worldwide & deadly
it’s an epic pandemic!

(knocks on wood coffee table reciting I hope I don’t get it)

a stewart won the koodo party, but not me

click the pictures to see for yourself.

i got a new job

I just said bye-bye to my old job. I quit. I’m moving on…

I’ve taken a position with Much & MTV on the Digital Marketing team. I knew when I read the description,  this job that was for ME. I remained positive the whole time and knew in my mind and my heart that this is what I truly want to do.

I’ve worked really hard over the last year and it wasn’t luck that did it, it was preparation meeting opportunity.I used to work in web development Toronto and now I’m moving into new ground. I could not be happier than I am right now. I am proud to say, I have left a job and now begin a career.

Thank you for your love and support.

Let the wild rumpus START!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

did ya get my costumes from the cleaners?

It’s Monday morning…I’m looking forward to Friday and all the days in between. This week is jam packed with exciting things and it is going to be f-u-n.

I’ve got my dress at the cleaners for the 1950’s Madwomen party on Tuesday.

Wednesday is Fashion Week time with Notable TV‘s Fashion Week Affair in the evening.

Thursday is my time.

Friday is GenyTO. Saturday is zombie walk.

Depending what you fancy there’s plenty of fun to be had.

I’d like to wish Happy Birthday to the Amazing Saul Colt, Courtney ‘save it for later’ Greig and my friend I miss in NZ Simon a.k.a DJ MON. Thinking of you and your awesomeness.

Have a great day guys 🙂