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thoughts on save and being safe

I feel good. I feel relaxed and happy.

I wrote something just before this and deleted it by accident. It happened just as I thought it was good. That means, I know, I know I can do it again and not to worry about losing it. Save your work.
I had just finished a thought about dealing with negative thoughts, negative people, self doubt really.  The truth is, I am the director of the movie that is my life, there’s no one else writing it for me. I can hear someone talking on another balcony. I’m sitting here and the rain has since stopped but it was fierce and roaring with thunder and there were flashes of lightening in sky.

i said gimme a lightening and then VOILA! it struck on 12seconds.tv

I’ve been up to a few things lately 1) tumblr 2) 12secondstv. I have more thoughts that process through my mind on a daily basis than this blog is ready to handle. I’ve been sharing snipits and stories about me and my life on what I like to call ‘The Casie Stewart Show’ on 12seconds.tv. It’s fun. There are so many really creative people pf Tumblr. Most younger than me that’s cool. I did some of my most creative stuff so far from 14-16 years old.

the likeness of man but more than average

She said I want to make a Frankenstein man, one with all different parts that’s mix of all the best parts. I laughed. I agreed, I’d like to make that kind of man too. The sun sun is really bright today. Drove with Sabrina and taking the train after work. Via rail for the first time.
Girls weekend away. Much needed, much deserved. I got the same cup today, the one about being mislead as a child. I think that day was a Friday too. I like Friday’s and Saturday’s and  I like Sunday’s even more. I’m still using mouse on left hand, home and work, tennis elbow aches have been the worst this week. More than it has been in a while. Tony Pierce told me it might be stress, now I think he’s right.
Last I recorded  12seconds a few times and posted a few things to my tumblr blog. It’s called Oh Casie, I think you’ll like it. It’s a big mix of all the shit I see on the internet.  Kinda like that spot in your house where you empty your pockets after a night out and then find that stuff again later.  For me, usually near the front door or bedroom table.  First time taking the train, oh the luxury of having wireless and the ability to order a drink. God I’m lucky. Thank you. Let’s go weekend, I’m ready for ya.

i’d like one casie bot please, rush delivery

I met a Robot the other day.

I was freaked right out.

I was freaked right out because I kinda thought it was real.  I didn’t clue in to the fact that there was guy walking around hiding and being his voice. haha.  I told Sabrina and she thought it was so cute that I didn’t get it. Made her giggle. I’ve seen robots on the internet that really do talk and it was at a computer thing so I though it could be real, ok.

We made a video for all my friends on the internet and it’s taking ages to upload…so here’s two seconds. for now so you can hear the voice. His name is D3 and he works for Dell. I think having a robot would be pretty cool yet creepy at the same time.  I’d like if CasieBot could go to work for me…and make me dinner…and drive me around. I’m sure I could find a few jobs for her.

I vote Paris for Pres ♥

Madonna’s Tattoos

Madonna sported Jewish symbols on her arm in the video for the James Bond theme song Die Another Day. The tattoo is written in Hebrew and is on her right shoulder written are the letters: the letters “lamed”, “alef” and “vav” (from right to left).

Madonnas hebrew tattoo

There is no such word in Hebrew and you can be sure that all the know-it-alls in the world immediately proclaimed it to be yet another celebrity foreign language tattoo gone bad. But the truth of the matter is that Madonna once again outwitted the sheep.

So called Rabbi, Yehuda Berg, a worldwide religious celebrity known mostly as the spiritual leader of the Kabbalah Centre which Madonna reportedly attends regularly provided the official interpretation.

Berg explains:

The “word” on Madonna’s shoulder is not actually a word, but rather one of the names from the 72 Names of G-d. Kabbalah explain that Moses used these names to split the Red Sea, and that we can use them to create miracles in our own lives. Each name draws a particular kind of energy. The name in the “Die Another Day” video is for eliminating the ego.

Madonnas hebrew tattoo

Kabbalah finds its main source in the Zohar, a text revealed to Moses de Leon in the thirteenth century based ostensibly on the writings of a second-century scholar Simeon bar Yochai. The Zohar parallels a tradition of commentary on the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, but claims there are hidden meanings in the arrangement of and comparisons between letters and words in which these books are written. This form of interpretation becomes quite complicated when the numeric significance of each word (Hebrew letters are each associated with a number) is taken into account.

Madonna began attending the Kabbalah Centre, an international school of kabbalah studies, in 1997 in an attempt to explore spiritual aspects of her life beyond her family or her success as a Material Girl. She was following in a long line of celebrities who, having become disatisfied with mere fame and fortune, turned to mysticism for new insight. The Beatles anticipated this spiritual turn and the seemingly inevitable irritation it provokes in many people.

Rick Ross, an American lecturer on “cults”, suggests a more sinister aspect of Madonna’s specific spritual path by providing links to numerous news articles calling the practices of the Kabbalah Centre, and its director Rav Berg, into question.

The Kabbalarians, a group whose philosophy is inspired by kabbalah, claim the name Lav is associated with an “independent, practical, analytical nature with skillful business abilities.” This describes Madonna but does not shed led either on the process by which the Kabbalarians came to their analysis or the “Die another day” video.


Compiled by J. Andrews