tell ME something for once and i’ll give you a prize

I love this photo.

Jenie  and I ran into Johanna and Cassie on our way home from Nuit Blanche on Saturday night.  She just sent me a bunch of photos. Thank you.

Ok, so I always tell you things I like, things I love…when the sun shines bright through the clouds,  pretty things, dressing up and riding my bike blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It’s your turn to get something free in the mail now. I’ve teamed up with Matchstick to give you a Harijuku Lovers gift set valued at $250.00.

I want you

to tell me

something you love.

To enter, send an email to with a photo, video or message about something you love. Please also include your full name, age and province.  Unfortunately this contest is only open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) that are over the age of 18. Really creative or hilarious entries may be posted and the odds of winning really depends on entries.

I’ll pick a winner by random draw in a 12seconds video and send your info over to Matchstick who will take it from there to deliver the package right to your door. Contest closes Oct. 23 at 5pm.

For official rules and entry crap that

nobody wants to read click here.

i think this brain would be pretty tasty

Zombies……I can’t stop thinking about them….

As soon as it turned October, it’s like my body knows it’s Halloween and I wanna dress up and wear masks and makeup and wigs and stuff. I don’t like scary movies or blood and gore but I love to dress up Zombie.

The walk is coming up Oct. 24th. There’s gong to be a bunch of us and I’d love you to join in the bloody fun. I saw some photo’s on Tony’s blog of the Hollywood Walk last week and I’m pretty sure that’s what got my Zombie thoughts into overdrive.

One more thing…

I mentioned a while ago that fellow blogger and comic drawer extraordinaire Mr. Sean Ward has taken up residence in San Francisco.  His crew just produced this new video. Check ‘er out!

Have a great day 🙂

But, they don’t all bring you lasagna at work.

Watched Clerks last night for the first time. I know. The title of this post is part of a quote from Silent Bob saying “there’s a million fine looking women in the world…”. Listening to Selah Sue. Watched a video from boy crazy Alexi. Sent my stuff to insurance from my back-ccident and snail mailed a card to someone special.

Billabong sample sale downstairs today. Lots of deals. 67 Mowat Ave first floor at Pady Sales if you wanna go, today or tomorrow.

I wanna win the Build a Bash contest from Koodo where get $50,000 to throw a party. You can join my party here but you gotta be logged into Facebook cause it uses FB Connect.

Gah, imagine I had $50K for a party. OMG.

Have a great day!

hello hollywood glamour!

Casie Stewart on dock

The night was warm as over four hundred fine people walked the red carpet boarding the yacht. Toronto is full of do-gooders and together we surpassed our goal raising over $600o for Meal Exchange. Thank you everyone that purchased event tickets, raffle tickets and came out to have fun!

Along with raising awareness of an awesome national student-founded, youth-driven charity, our donation will result in mentoring over 214 youth and providing over 7,500 meals to those in need.

Rob cheeleaders

Thanks to Mariposa Cruise Lines for giving us a great spot to have a party and the Argo girls for coming out too. They’re lined up here to chat with Rob from

Check out the photos from our wonderful photographers Rosa Park, Say Yeah, and Chris G.

The next Twestival is in the new year and will an opportunity to tweet,meet and give for a global cause.  It will obviously be a night not to miss!  Have a great day.

I did an interview for Daniele Rossi’s Creative Bender radio show after getting back on land. Take a listen, it’s short & sweet.

attention, ladies and gentlemen of the internet…

Toronto is a city full constant excitement. I get messages once in a while saying it seems like TO is the city for me because we’ve always got something going on. This week, is NO exception, it’s one of the busiest times of the year when the city is filled with stars and red carpets.

Tomorrow marks the opening of TIFF and the first day of our first TEDxTO Conference.  You’ll find me at the afterparty hosted by Notable TV at Brasaii on King Street.

TED is all about ideas worth sharing and the event will be full of interesting people sharing great ideas.

To RSVP head to Notable’s registration page and get your name on the list!

pimp myspace

Twestival Local is on on Saturday. What is it? Around the world cities are joining together to raise money for a local charities.

Our charity is Toronto based Meal ExchangeAll the proceeds go directly to Meal Exchange with a goal of raising $5000 to facilitate 178 youth leaders and over 6250 meals being distributed. Totally awesome!

Just think about it, you’ll be on a boat, partying with Toronto’s social media community, hot DJs, deliecious free food and flowing drinks while cruising the harbourfront with a view of our beautiful city.

When you get your tickets enter promo code CASIE for $5 off.

How can you say no NOW?  YOU CAN’T!

Check out the Facebook Event page. There are some badass prizes to be won including Palm Pre (that I want to win) if you dress up as your favorite celebrity.

I have a feeling Toronto’s own Paris Hiton might just show up 😛

when i put them on it’s business time

The little girl beside me is Irish and with her parents. She’s staring outside the window preying with every breath to capture a glimpse of the Jonas Brothers. She’s talking about Vanessa and their bus and I’m reminded of when I was young.

I had those teen Bop posters of Joey Lawrence and Johnny Depp all over my walls. After that phase  I graduated to drawing all over my walls with quotes and thoughts and messages from friends when they came over. Mum let me do it; creative expression. Thank you.

I watched the number 23 last night and he drew all over the walls too.  “The bus!” she shouts, this little girl is so cute. Where’s my little business phone? Gah, I lose it a few sometimes a day. I wear my eyeglasses to help me concentrate. It usually works. So far so good. Two cops in full uniform sat down beside me. I stare at the gun he doesn’t notice. Good. Someone else sat down and their cologne overpowers the sweet smell of coffee, not good cologne either, something cheap.

They’re playing house music on Sunday afternoon. I wear my earphones to concentrate  too, although I’m not playing any music. It’s quite chilly today.

This week I got prescription glasses in the mail from GlassesUSA. Thanks guys!