Strong Desire to Wander and Travel the World

The photos are up from last week’s Smith Hotels event at the Spoke Club. Was so nice to see everyone, kinda felt like a kick off to spring. This time of year gets super busy with events and things leading up to summer.

Photo cred to Ryan Emberly for these shots and cheers to Marcello for a fun evening. See the full album on Facebook. Hope to cook up somehting cool with the Smith Hotels team. Love you Team Best Fan <3 

I’m not sure what this drink was but there was grapefruit, vodka, Campari perhaps? Whatever it was, super refreshing.  Summer, comehither!!

Roger is a legend.  Best conversation of the night happening here 😉

I’m dying to get away to somewhere far. Europe, I have my eyes on you! Next travel spot is Florida in May.

Found this great read today, 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy busy busy. There are SO MANY good things that will energize your soul. I’m trying to catch lots of rest lately. Here’s a sexy song from Lana Del Rey’s unreleased album, Nevada.

Bon nuit!




Had brekky, went to Green Living Show. Hanging out today. Pretty close to best thing ever. Love you Mum xo

Now this will make your day.

It’s been going around the internet and I have to show you. It really touched my heart.

I had such a WILD imagination when I was a kid. Always starting businesses, telling stories and putting on shows. Don’t ever lose that passion for life. Don’t ever lose that love. Don’t ever stop being a kid 🙂

Have a magical day 🙂


If it makes you feel any better, I bawlllled my eyes out. K. bye.

If you had been thirsty for something you whole life, then you found it?

Then you found it, what would you sacrifice? Think about it. Then think about what you are searching for and go find it.

Title is a quote from Ian Ruhter who has taken a delivery truck and his life savings to create a massive camera based on the 1800 wet plate technique. It is incredibly interesting and beautiful. It will inspire you, it inspired me.

Following his passion for film photography he travels around American shooting photographs that cost him $500 dollars per image.

My sister Jenie took this cool shot yesterday from the highway on iPhone. So happy she has iPhone.


Found this little guy in our quest to make jewellery. Do you know who he is?


Have a really busy day today. Teaching a private blog lesson in an hour then off to a meeting about upcoming charity event then rushing to studio for a photoshoot for upcoming project. It sounds fun but it’s gonna be a rushed day. Heading to Hoxton later for the launch of P&L Catering. Everyone and their blog will be there I’m sure.

Some staples in my day, good book (know which one?), sunnies (RayBans), stylus (drawing), Macbook, sketchbook for notes, Sharpie pen for writing everything down.


Some friends created this totally awesome app that’s a hybrid between video & photo called Flixel. Check out this one I made the other day. CRAZY cool. I’m gonna make a whole Flixel post soon.

Took this just now off the balcony, it’s beautiful out there. GO! Go out and do something awesome. Maybe it’s just a little walk in the sun. Have fun 🙂



one of my favorite ones

This is a photo of one of my pieces I did with pastels. It is called ‘Strike Out in a Different Direction‘. It is full of light, energy, attraction, fire & passion. This is one of my most expensive ones because I like it the most. I think I will keep forever, unless an offer comes along I can not resist!! I’m planning on doing some painting this weekend. Looks like rain is on its way and thatinspires me to make art.

be inspired and start creating

I am constantly inspired to keep on writing and putting my stuff out there. As more and more people come into the Wonderful World of Casie I find that a positive light shines on us all!

I was tagged in the following note on Facebook today and very touched.
It says:

“Inspired by this great lady tagged in this note I decided to create a blog. I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while, but never realized how easy this was. well I am quite happy with this decision. mucho gracias”

Stay tuned for Inna’s blog. I’ve been reading her notes on FB for some time and am truly excited for her new writing space! Congrats girl!!