Its time, holiday…

the stores are
filled with over sized items.
chocolate and pressies
for one for all.
plenty of people passing
in hallways
decked out with discounts
and savings for sale.
meeting and greeting and
spreading good cheer
its time, it’s time
the holidays are here!

Who’s the ‘Buy Nothing’ dummy?

Who, honestly WHO…

Picked the biggest shopping day of the year to be ‘Buy Nothing Day”. It makes a mockery of the concept. How about having it on any other day, not during Christmas time so that people can actually say “Hey, I’m going to make a conscious effort to buy nothing today and make a difference.” Instead, Nov.28, Black Friday is Buy Nothing Day in North America. the rest of the world gets it tomorrow, November 29, the biggest shopping day AFTER Black Friday. Like DUH?

What the eff were you thinking? To me, I think it makes the whole idea behind decreasing consumerism and purchasing crap into a big joke.

Bettykisses for Moi!!

I got something totally fabulous in the mail this week. Arianne at Bettykiss Style sent me one of her couture signature clutches. It is satin, pink, zebra AND reversible. I had seen them online but let me tell you, it is gorgeous!! I absolutely love it.

It came in a nice box and I was quite excited to open it!

Then, there was another box. It was tied up with a lovely pink ribbon.
Opening the packaging made me feel so very special!

My cute clutch is revealed!!
The little card inside says:
“Thank you for finally doing something for yourself.
You are a true Blue Betty…with Kicks and kisses, Bettykiss”

Isn’t it just lovely!!There is more greatness, the holiday special price of each clutch is $20 or two for $35. Shipping is about $10 but if you are in the GTA, you can arrange to have it delivered at no extra cost.
I’m going to be taking an order and having them delivered to me. If you’d to get some Bettykiss for yourself contact through here or email me at to get in on my order if you live close.

Happy Friday!!

blue snowflakes star falling

Elvis singing Blue Christmas. I love it.
Soon as I hear “I’ll have blue, Christmas, without you”,
my heart melts for The King.
He does this little smirk.
It’s fantastic. Just watch him.