i quit everything i don’t like

Rent paid. No new metro pass yet. Postie beside me again. Read a friends story this morning and it inspires me to have friends that do amazing things. Its warm today, cloudy with sun peeking though just enough necessary for sunnies. Glad the Tamil protest is over. I don’t like people fighting in the streets. My friend said the ambo’s couldn’t get to the hospitals fast because of them. I wanna see the Wolverine movie. Hugh Jackman, I like him, especially in that role. There’s an article in the Metro about timeraiser.com, cool idea. I’m looking forward to the next #genyTO. Adoration by Egoyan, I’d like to see that one too. The Mississauga McCallion is really old and creepy. I never wanna live in that burb. SJP is having twins and Lohan is hopped up on energy drinks. Everyone seems to be taking something. That guys coffee smells damn good. Late start today but feeling great. Looking forward to the weekend, its almost here!

see you on the patio guys

Today is a wonderful day because I will be taking the afternoon off. I will be lazing around by the pool in my bikini with a fresh fruit smoothie and a blanket. I’m thinking that I should bring a sunbrella so I can have some shade. Wore a cute outfit today. The neon Harvey’s shades that are MINE from the 80’s top it off for sure.

I’m gonna post about it later but you should totally check out the Peach Beserk design a dress site. It’s totally rad. I hung out at the shop yesterday and did some screen printing. It was the coolest thing ever. You can pick everything including the hair. I made this pink & red one. Stylespiration. After letting some creative juices flow I went to #postworkdrinks at Gretzky’s and let me tell you, it was hoot! The Tweeps are so cool. It was a good time. Happy to see YOU ALL again. There were more pix but everyone was wasted so I saved the embarrassment for another time. Have a great day!

Don’t forget this awesomeness. haha

Pushups at the Bar from someone who drinks beers.

the more we get together, the happier we’ll be

For your friends are my fiends and my friends are your friends” and #genyTO meetup’s are a great way to get together! Yes, Raffi.
It was really awesome to see many familiar and new faces. I met some tres cool people and have lots of pix that I will add to the #genyto group on FB later this weekend.This month’s meetup was at Andy Pool Hall. Must say I’m sorry that some of my stickers got ‘stuck’ on the pool hall and not just on peoples clothes etc. I won’t be going back there with this a haircut. I recieved a nasty email today from Andy’s that went something like “your f***in stickers, what the f**k “. Sheesh, sorry guise. Don’t have to be so mean about it.
I had a blast dancing, it’s abviously a really classy place. I wasn’t quite having as much fun as barefoot lady. She went all out! For real.

I’m really excited to be part of this growing group of wired, creative, motivated young people. Seeing the growth from the first #genyto in February to last night’s April meetup has been really cool. I’ve met some of the most inspiring & fun people ever.

Hope to see heaps of you out at #pibTO today 1pm, Second Cup @ 307 Queen Street and John Street! 100% of the proceeds go to SickKids so bring your travel mug and get in line!

what the cool kids are doing these days

Partying! Imagine a sexy downtown loft filled with hot, young, internet innovators and cool kids. Dancing to downtown beats and raising glasses to each other…sounds good doesn’t it.
Last night I had the pleasure of attending #GenyTO Meetup #2 at the Centre for Social Innovation. It was awesome. The bar was bubbling over with booze and there was even a movie premiere for Toronto’s 175 birthday (video below). This time the crowd was even larger as we joined forces with the SXSW & CanLIT groups. The #Genyto meetup/tweetup brings together some of the most creative and ambitious young people from the Toronto startup, marketing, PR and tech communities.For all the photos check my Flickr photo stream ♥