i was at a party with obama smoking cigs

My friend had a wonderful dream and this is what happened…

You were in my dream this morning
We were at a party with Barrack Obama – but it was real casual

Him: It was at his house and we were sitting on a picnic table
omg really?
And the press rolled up and jumped out and started taking photos of us
how did I look?
It was nuts – and hyper realistic

was his wife there?
You looked great, you were wearing a strapless summer dress

No wonder I woke up feeling amazing!
And your hair was long
oh great
Michelle was not there
Just Obama – we were smoking cigarettes
Sounds like a lovely party
I’d love to smoke cigs with Obama
Ha-ha, it was so surreal
I love it
Thanks for Sharing it with me. I was glad to be there with you in my summer dress.
No problem – have a
nice day
You too

Get inspired!! Do Something Good – RIGHT NOW ♥

OK. Contest closes today.

I’m ready to kick some ass in the Daily ChallengeDo Gooder’ Contest. I’m trying to win a camcorder so I can start video blogging. Daily Challenge is the worlds largest network of ‘ Do Gooders‘ and a media sponsor for the upcoming TwestivalTO.

Please take a couple minutes TODAY to vote for me and my story. It’s about how my mum, sister and self served an afternoon meal to those without, followed by opening our home anyone alone to share our Christmas dinner. I only have 25 damn votes right now. I know I can win the unit with your loving vote.

Your five minutes of internet time
today is much appreciated!!

See you at
Twestival on Feb. 12!!

tageriffic from down under

Last night I was talking with one of my mates in Palmerston North, New Zealand. A bunch of my wonderful family members live in that small but awesome city commonly referred to as ‘Palmy’. This is James Wynne with a tag he did. So swift!

"Casie, if you weren’t on the computer so much…"

In reference to the upcoming Twestival on Feb. 12 I posted the following message:

“1 in 6 peeps on earth don’t have access 2 clean water. On Feb 12, 100+ cities around the world set out to change that. This is @Twestival via Twitter

I received a personal message from an old friend that I have known for years who has quite an opinion on the subject. Here is what said:

Casie, if you weren’t on the computer so much, maybe that 1-6 in people who don’t have fresh water, could have fresh water. The majority of the worlds fresh water is used for the use of hydro electric dams around the world and with the global demand for energy much of that fresh water is diverted from the areas needed. This whole green fad pisses me off, cause half the people who preach about this shit, spend their entire lives in front of a computer….Just some food for thought, i’m probably coming off like a dick, but I’ve spent my entire life protecting the natural environment and I get pissed off when people don’t do there homework or talk about shit they have no business talking about. In my opinion this world is worse due to Facebook, internet and everything else that goes with it, people preech about bringing the world together in unity, if you do research throughout history, it will lead to great demise…Both biologically and socially….Just think about mono cultural of plant and trees species, when one gets infected by a virus or disease the whole field goes…the whole crop or plantation is destroyed…Same goes with the human geno…Just some thoughts for you to think about….Not trying to be a dick!!…Hope your well”

It’s nice to know I have friends who care more about the environment than the internet. No, I don’t think you are a dick. I think you are awesome and all the hard work you have done it fantastic. My job by day and by night involves the internet but I am making a conscious effort to save energy in other ways. Thanks for sharing caring!! ♥

i’m feeling very excited today

I went to the AGO last night and heard some wonderful stories from the staff there. I am surprised by their extensive knowledge about the artwork. I had a man tell me the wonderful story of Daedalus and Icarus. I did not know this story and hearing it from someone who truly has a love for the art was beautiful. This photo is not the one in the AGO, however, I recommend you go check it out for yourself, the story, and the painting. I also found a secret study and that is all I am saying about that.
I have the afternoon off for a photo shoot which is always fun! You know I love having my picture taken! The temperature is warmer today than it has been all week and I’m feeling rays of sunshine. I’m heading out of town tomorrow to visit one of my longest standing BFF’s. I’ll be posting from Guelph, Ontario!

Here is a photo of me as an old ‘Sexy Bag’.
It really makes me smile! Happy Friday all!!

Bohemianism; Gypsy Queens

On Tuesday night I went to my friend Yossi’s event Legacy @ Bohemian Embassy. It was pretty fun. I went with Tahnee and Sabrina after work. There was food for us all and complementary bevvy’s. One of my favorites! We had a couple glasses and watched all the people. Another one of my favorite things, especially when you are there with your two BFF’s.
There is one thing that needs to be mentioned – a fashion crime. There was a man who’s face I have cropped out – god, I am so kind! At first sight, he is wearing a suit, however, let your eyes wander and you will see he was wearing ADIDAS PANTS!! Omg. I had a field day with this one. Sneaking his picture while talking amongst ourselves was quite amusing. Please, do not ever do this. I don’t know how anyone would see this as appropriate attire. I have said my piece. Thank you for listening.