the kiwi girl was in the kitchen again

Last night I made a nice dinner. I really love cooking. I don’t talk about it much because I’m not a food blogger. I hate talking about what I eat. Not fun to me so I don’t do it often. However, last night…
It was lovely. Today I went to the AGO again. I was alone and I took a very introspective view. I only looked at things I like the most and for only as long as I felt like. It is a very free feeling. I had my Moleskine and pencil, camera, the important stuff. I got a picture of one of my favorite guys, but I’m nervous to post it.

i hope we reach the doubles today

Today is a beautiful day. Might even go over 10 degrees! Whoa, nice but not quite open toe time yet.
I love driving into work and feeling the bright sun. We rocked out to some tunage and put the windows down. It was so much fun.
There horses are near the office all the time. The Police keep then just around the corner and bring them out more when the weather warms up for a little Liberty Village strut.

Today I’m wearing Liquid Shot from Threadless and my old Chuck Taylor’s. It’s a good day. Thinking about getting a pedicure for lunch…

there’s gold in the air of summer

I went to grab a coffee this afternoon and it was so cold and windy. I hate that. However, I did meet someone cool while I was at the coffee shop. His name is Jeff Adams. You may know of him? He is a two-time Olympian, four-time Paralympian, six-time World Champion, and former World Record Holder in the 1500 m men’s wheelchair event. His 800 m gold in Sydney was a record-breaker. He is co-founder of Marvel Wheelchairs and his workshop is right near my office. He invited my to check out the shop and I would really love that!

where in the world is carmen sandiego?

If not for the weather, it is definitely spring judging by the amount of going out I’ve been doing over the past week!

This morning I located the Elusive Carmen on Twitter and has a pretty cool site with agents and stuff. I like it. I am now following @vile, Carmen has tips on interesting things.
I feel like I have so much to share! On Monday night I had drinks with the lovely Aga followed by the Raphael Saddiq show at the Phoenix with Bonga and some friends.

I ran into Rahim otherwise knows as @funkstop.
Then I saw this cute girl.

It was a great show. As usual, I showed up fashionable & late when it was already in progress. Such is life!

steamrolled by drunkards at steam whistle

Last night I strolled over to Steam Whistle to meet some friends. I arrived late, extremely late considering they opened at 5pm to start the party and most people were already totally wasted. It was a good time! I always have fun out, unless I lose something like my phone, ipod, camera, or dignity really.
I was pleasantly surprised to run into Tweeps Andrew Lane & Kurt Gooden. It’s rad to meet the Tweeps offline. Makes me feel nerdy and cute. I like it.
These drunky drunky dudes below did a lovely pose for moi. Ben in the middle said he blogs too which is also rad.
I was pretty happy to find a loonie as you can see. That’s like a hundred days good luck. Day #1 – right on. So far so good! Good things come to good people. Dear Kharma, Please make hundreds stick to my shoes next time.
Met the band Tiny Danza. They’re big a jazz hip hop fusion band and a big deal in Korea. They are also on Twitter.
This pic is for you Ben.

3/14 1:59 & #spadinawatch

I saw on the news this morning that there was a smash up between a police car and street car last night at King & Spadina. Minor injuries to two our officers. I was news reporting last night when I started #spadinawatch. Today was a really beautiful day. I had coffee with a friend and went a walk for about two hours. around the St. Lawrence Market, Bay Street, Queen Street, Spadina. I had coffee with a friend who was off to Opera rehearsal for the COC. Pretty cool! Today is PI Day – 3/14. I stopped by Black Market on Queen, everything in the store is $10 right now. Got a couple goodies! I ran into a few peeps walking around which is always awesome. I’m enjoying all the tweets from my friends at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, TX. Wish I was there too!