so, like, who’s your friend?

Check out this little feature about yours truly on Canadian Blog Friends. They contacted me recently to profile me and my blog. They said I’ve been doing good. I think that’s great. The site, Canada Blog Friends is an index of our nation’s best blogs. I’m happy to now be added to the mix! Check it out & leave a comment on there. I’d be really happy for you to share your thoughts. Thanks for all the love

tag those greenbacks

Would you get in trouble if you tagged a URL on cash?
What if you wrote your twitter name?
Would it help you keep track of your money?

Yesterday I came across this fine stamped bill at a friends place as we were celebrating the greatness that was yesterday. Seems the Black Diamond Riders have stamped their bills. Interesting. I’m sure I’d get haterade from someone if I marked up the bills I use! Is it worth a shot? Hmm.

lots of toes in yoga pants

I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot to hit ‘post’. Unfortunately, I was not feeling good and hated the Internet. I puked and had a nap at work.

Here we go…

This weekend, after making some delicious walnut bran muffins (naturally) I stopped in to the MTCC to check out the Yoga & Pilates conference.It was a very relaxed place to be since I had been at #pibTO and broke a world record earlier. I ran into some friends and also checked out some cool products. My favorite was the purses & accessories made from cork, which deserve their own post.Overall, it was probably much more interesting if you actually took a class. I just cruised around and listened to some musica.

This is a video of the Hare Krishna mantra. Sing along, watch it on repeat, it’s catchy, trust me. It might even take you to a higher state of consciousness. My friend & yoga teacher Jonny is in India right now, he has a blog called Yoga Bar.

Hare Krishna at the Yoga Conference from me on vims.

When the sixteen names and thirty-two syllables of the Hare Krishna mantra are loudly vibrated, Krishna dances on one’s tongue

Stava-mala-vidyabhusana-bhasya, Baladeva Vidyabhusana in Bhaktisiddhanta’s Gaudiya Kanthahara 17:30

rain or shine baby!! #pibTO

The day has finally come! I’m stoked for #pibTO today at 1pm. If you haven’t got all the details or joined in on FB, that’s a-OK all you have to do is SHOW UP for 1pm to Second Cup at Queen & John. It’s meant to clear up by mid-day and not be too wet. If it is wet, don’t let that stop you from being involved in something really awesome. I’ll be rocking my favorite Wellies and rain coat just in case! You’ll be able to find me with the media, Raptors girls, Flow 93.5, Freestyle Soccer, and lots of others on location at 1pm. All proceeds, yes 100% go directly to the SickKids foundation. See you at 1pm! ♥

the more we get together, the happier we’ll be

For your friends are my fiends and my friends are your friends” and #genyTO meetup’s are a great way to get together! Yes, Raffi.
It was really awesome to see many familiar and new faces. I met some tres cool people and have lots of pix that I will add to the #genyto group on FB later this weekend.This month’s meetup was at Andy Pool Hall. Must say I’m sorry that some of my stickers got ‘stuck’ on the pool hall and not just on peoples clothes etc. I won’t be going back there with this a haircut. I recieved a nasty email today from Andy’s that went something like “your f***in stickers, what the f**k “. Sheesh, sorry guise. Don’t have to be so mean about it.
I had a blast dancing, it’s abviously a really classy place. I wasn’t quite having as much fun as barefoot lady. She went all out! For real.

I’m really excited to be part of this growing group of wired, creative, motivated young people. Seeing the growth from the first #genyto in February to last night’s April meetup has been really cool. I’ve met some of the most inspiring & fun people ever.

Hope to see heaps of you out at #pibTO today 1pm, Second Cup @ 307 Queen Street and John Street! 100% of the proceeds go to SickKids so bring your travel mug and get in line!

a kwik shave

Spring is in the air and I was feeling like an update. I get my hair done by Darren at his lofty salon in the heart of Queen Street West.

I love it! Darren you did an awesome job! It’s super blonde and I got a new shave. I’m really happy. So glad I had camera with me this time. You can get Darren to do your hair too if you want it to look beautiful.