if a blog falls in the forest does anybody read it?

It’s almost Friday, already. I’m nervous and excited. November is Sunday and since September I’ve moved up almost 15 floors, got a new job and have a happy heart .  I stuck to my goals and keep my thoughts positive. I have a really good idea for Nuit Blanche next year and it’s beautiful in my mind. I’ve been dreaming of an iphone. I’m nervous and excited about everything. My skin tingles through my veins.

photo by lee dale

why is it always so hard to remember them

I had a really interesting dream last night. I moved to this house in Montreal. It was huge. I shared a really big room with a friend but it wasn’t small it was really big. It had it’s own bathroom. There were lots of things around the house from the people who  lived there before.  Maybe they still lived there. The house was really old too.

There were a bunch of people that lived there. Madison Mitchell lived there and I saw her in action. There was a trap door under the floor near my bed that had a room with four bunk beds.  I had so much closet space to put all my clothes that I wanted more and more. The house was near a ski hill and it was winter.

I wish I had that much closet space, today is closet organizing day.New rack will be delivered in about an hour.  The goal is all clothes have a home. Good luck to me.

acting like a macro, tasks in sequence

Do you ever feel like the day is just passing by, slowly? You are going through the motions yet not really taking anything in? You smile, think, laugh even, yet you feel little to no emotion. You are not excited. You are floating and acting like a macro doing the same tasks in sequence as if you are programmed that way. Your output is routine, open your email & browse, plan the day, check Facebook, Twitter a bit, read a news article, send email, make phone call, check voicemail, get some entertainment news, walk to the kitchen, get a drink, send email, work on document, eat something; it all seems a blur.I watched this video and felt a bit lost, peaceful and weightless. It is beautiful and creative. It inspired this post.