i have been in love with her for 365 outfits

Ever since I first saw her last year, I was in love. This little Sheena from NY has great style and likes to do nice things like raise money for kids to go to school. She wore the same dress (7 dresses/same style) for 355 days and has 10 days to go.

I’ve been secretly, or not so secretly in love with her the whole time. Check ‘er out.

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

Remember May 1st 2009? And the days since? Sheena’s yearlong journey is now coming to a close. Through the high times and low, holidays, birthdays, and trips abroad, there’s been one constant… or actually two. This is the story of a girl and her little black dress.

Imaginary Like a Unicorn

I found these glasses the other day, they’re mine from years ago. Popped the sunnies part out so they’re just frames now. Better for pictures than real life. Glasses are fun. I have so many in my collection!

Have been collecting since those amazing neon Harvey’s glasses in the 80’s. My drawer of frames is constantly rotating, new ones, broken, traded, vintage, lens free. 

I’ve had so many hairstyles/colours over the years, pink, purple, blue, red, brown, black. Haven’t had a rainbow yet, maybe this summer? I love changing my look, short hair is the best. 

Puking UnicornThis is one of my favourite pictures,  I love it for the colours the unicorn puking a rainbow.

A glorious thing really. I’ve fantasized about having a tattoo like it. I wear this special pin on my jacket most the time, a rainbow a unicorn and star. I always say it represents my life. A joke, but kinda serious…

Rainbow: rain, sunshine, bright, special, happy, love, better when shared, spectrum, angles, reflection.

Unicorn: unreal, imaginary, strong, flying… read so much unicorn crap in the Wiki.

Star:  shines, goals, the sky, dreams and stuff

Ooh, I saw this today and omgaga reeeeallly want an iPad. Universe, can you hear me? I believe in you! GAWD, it looks nice, Tweetdeck on ipad. Just imagine…

I’ve never known a better reason to get a mac. I wasn’t turned by iPhone but this baby makes a little kitten purrrrr. Meow!


Casie Stewart, signature.

i’d like to introduce you guys to some peeps

Oh hi. It’s me Casie. In case you ever wondered, my blog, This is My Life, started out as a way to keep more memories one  sunny April day in 2006. This b-b-baby has been a best friend, therapy, and a great platform for me to get closer to the dreams I’ve always had. I love it dearly.

Tomorrow evening I’m doing a seminar about blogging with some people I’ve met and been inspired by over the last little while. You may not know them, the same way you know me, so I’m introducing you. There’s still a couple tickets left so go get one here and come meet me & them IRL.

I met Carly last year through the internet, then IRL at a music thingy. Along with being cute and a good friend, she’s really talented. She is a Talent Agent representing principal actors in film, TV and voice.  In Jan 2010, her agency,  Fairlie Agency launched the New Media division and the Toronto Blog Stars group.   Carly has over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, both on camera and behind the scenes. You’ll get to meet her if coming on Thursday.

You may know Raymi from her blog or me mentioning her  (if you don’t, I’m a little surprised). She’s been blogging since 2000 and was the first daily blogger I knew; She was cool and from Toronto like me. I immediately added her as a friend on Facebook based on this alone. About a year later, we met IRL. She writes about her life and gives you a really close view of it. She became famous on the internet by blogging and has a unique style that’s won her heaps of awards.  Her videos also get heaps of attention ex:

I met Sean Ward when Notable TV & SmoJoe named the Top TO Bloggers last year. It was really cool to be connected to people that do the same kinda thing as you, yet so differently. I didn’t really know other bloggers at the time. Sean writes an online comic called Sean Ward Super Party. He’s a great illustrator.  He’s made a rap video and released an album.

I wanted to fill you in a bit so when you show up you know more than just me.  Look forward to seeing familiar faces, but most of all, I look forward to meets IRL.

Enjoy the sunshine!

WWKCD: What would Kelly Cutrone do?

I watch more then I listen, but I dig the Gossip Girl style. Always dressed up, classy. I started K.C’s book today. Gonna read a little more before bed. I’m about twenty pages and into it. Her attitude is totally refreshing. She doesn’t put up with whiny, negative, bitchy, complainers, and she knows what she’s doing because she worked at it. I find her to be quite admirable and I’m looking forward to seeing her IRL.

I love this:

“Because, if you’re the kind of person who senses there’s something out there beyond whatever it is you’re expected to do- if you want to be extra-ordinary- you will not get there by hanging around a bunch of people who tell you you’re not extraordinary. … We have a saying in New York: when you’re the most happening person at the party, it’s time to leave.”

– Kelly Cutrone, If You have to Cry, Go Outside


She grew up in a small town and always wanted the city. It’s inspiring to learn about people that do the kinda things you like doing. I’m glad I got her book today, I was due for a new one since that bee sting book before last Fall. I like reading. I read more books in the summer, winter is online time. I like to bike somewhere  with my book and lay under a tree,  on a park bench in the sun.

Did you know Kelly Cutrone used to read tarot cards  AND married Andy Warhol’s protégé, Ronnie Cutrone at 21? She has worked with the best fashion designers and heaps of interesting creative peeps. ELLE wrote about her here and asked a bunch of questions. This is my favorite Q/A:

On witchcraft: “A lot of people think I’m a Wiccan. I’m not; it takes too long. I’d rather take something and make it happen than get 75 herbs and stir them in a pot by the full moon.”

My Monday dress is hanging up read to go. This FORA stuff has really got me embracing my love of fashion full force just in time for Spring (& LGFW).
I’m nervous and excited.

My favorite feeling.

sounds about right little rebel, let it loud

friday the 13th: me = highly excitable

I have always had this thing about threes. I make a conscious effort not to do things in threes, I stick to two and four when I notice. I used to be much worse but I’ve gotten over it a bit now.

Earlier this year I got a tattoo I wanted for years. In order to change my negative thoughts about 3 or 13, I booked my much wanted tattoo on Friday the 13th.

Now, I have a positive outlook every time one of those lucky days rolls around.

This is me laughing at a Tweet re: a new word I learned – Twoosh. It’s when your Tweet is exactly the max allowed 140 characters. Twooshbag is when you do it alot-lot.

Twitter is really fun. If you like fun, you should join and follow me so we can laugh together.

Twilight New Moon cast members are at Much today for MOD. They’re got barriers set up and the crowd is gonna be huge. I’ve never seen the movie/read the books but the fact that people go ape shit over it is  pretty exciting. There’s people lined up and it’s not even 10am. I love working here.

Happy Friday the 13th.

Go do something that scares you.