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Today at lunch I…

i used to have a cat

Hey name was Mooshu Manning. You may have her as a friend on Facebook, she was kinda popular for a while. We parted ways but every now and then I think about her. I came across this pic today and was reminded of how much personality she had going on when we used to hang out.
In unfortunate Cat News of the Week, my first cat, and longest standing pet was put down this week. Many people know C4, the cat with attitude. She was very old and not doing so well. So I send out a message to her – Rest In Peace kitty!! Now you can whine and dine all you like! MUAH!

Who’s the ‘Buy Nothing’ dummy?

Who, honestly WHO…

Picked the biggest shopping day of the year to be ‘Buy Nothing Day”. It makes a mockery of the concept. How about having it on any other day, not during Christmas time so that people can actually say “Hey, I’m going to make a conscious effort to buy nothing today and make a difference.” Instead, Nov.28, Black Friday is Buy Nothing Day in North America. the rest of the world gets it tomorrow, November 29, the biggest shopping day AFTER Black Friday. Like DUH?

What the eff were you thinking? To me, I think it makes the whole idea behind decreasing consumerism and purchasing crap into a big joke.

I Can Strut


1. Casie Stewart

2. Age:26

3. My wisdom:

Just because you don’t have money, doesn’t mean you can’t compete. You just have to be more creative!

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As a Kid

My mum always taught me, just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you can’t compete. It merely means you must be more creative. Andy, says to think rich and look poor.

So, with these two influences I find myself thinking rich, and finding creative ways to make money all the while looking stylish yet competitive.
Thanks for the influence.

first post ever

My name is Casie.
This is a photo of myself on a beautiful sunny day.
I love the sun so much.
I also like dancing and drawing.

Today is a beautiful day.
I am working all day but after work…..LOOK OUT SUN HERE I COME!!

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