Day 125: Mid-July, Where Have The Days Gone?

I can’t believe it’s been 125 days. I started this Daily Diary part of the blog thinking it would be a couple of weeks, months, maybe? Sometimes I’ll be doing something and totally forget how the world is so different now. Then I remember and feel overwhelmed. One minute I’m doomscrolling and having anxiety and another times social media gives me a great place to escape.

original photo from @artbook.jpg

I feel uncertain about everything today. Given that the world has changed so much in the past six months, it’s impossible to predict what will happen next. What tragedy or terror will we face? Apparently the worst hurricane season is on its way, there are UFOs, and second waves of are COVID happening in multiple countries.

I’m grateful to be at the cottage and have Sean by my side but everything comes with challenges. What you see on the internet is only a small slice of someone’s life, the curated version. I haven’t posted much on my Instagram this month, I just haven’t felt like it. I’ve been a rollercoaster of emotion since June and I’m really hoping this ride slows down a bit in August.

original photo from @artbook.jpg

If you are reading this any feeling any of the same feelings, please know you are not alone. I welcome you to reach out if need/want someone to talk to, I’m a great listener and am usually good for a laugh. Send me a DM on Instagram, a Tweet, or an email. I’m almost always on the other side of the screen, wherever you are, right here in your phone or on your computer.

We will get through this and we will be ok.

Day 124: The Playsuit by Biddell

I’d seen Evan Biddel post the famous Playsuit he’s been making and asked if he could make a yellow AND HE DID. I am so obsessed with this one-piece outfit. he made it a little smaller or me and it fits perfectly. You can check out his other versions at the Biddell Shop and see him as a guest on Canada’s Drag Race this season.

After my trip to town and the post office, Sean and I hung out and had a drink on the dock. I picked up a cute bathing suit from Giant Tiger for $10.

Up until now, the bugs have been really bad at night so we haven’t been sitting out. I made a nice fire and we watched the sun set on the lake.

Day 122: I Went To A Spa! Introducing YOUTH MEDISPA, Toronto

It’s been ages since I went to a spa so when I was invited to check out the brand new YOUTH Medispa in downtown Toronto, I was so excited! I had a Bespoke Medical Facial followed by Botox and filler.

This is more than a beauty clinic, they’re a female-led, luxe anti-ageing spa with over 30 years in the business. They offer Injectables, advanced laser and facials, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), hair restoration, skin tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, and plastic surgery consultation.

Youth Medispa Toronto, Casie Stewart

Inside YOUTH Medispa, Toronto

With the new Covid19 restrictions, they’re allowed to book patient appointments and are taking all the precautions necessary to make sure your visit is safe and enjoyable.

The day before my appointment I was sent several forms and waivers to sign-off on my treatments and informed they would provide a mask if I didn’t have my own.

Welcome to YOUTH Medispa Toronto

I arrived 15 min early for my appointment and was greeted at the door with sanitizer and one of their specialists who was also wearing a mask. I was so excited I wore a dress and heels for the first time in months. I was the only patient at the time and as restrictions change for Toronto, they will continue to stagger appointments and have both entry and exit doors so no two clients cross paths. The entire space is 3,100 square feet with 4 floors, 4 main areas, and 9 treatment rooms.

Big fan of the art displayed, their look is very minimal, black & white, with a pop of colour here and there. They’re paperless and wireless meaning you can pay for your services ahead of time or inside the treatment room without having to go back to through the building.

As you can probably guess, this was my favourite room! Love the wallpaper!

YOUTH Medispa – Bespoke Facial

My first treatment was a Bespoke Medical Facial that combines cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, lymphatic drainage massage, and a non-ablative laser to help stimulate collagen. This facial is customized to the patient’s individual needs (hence the bespoke title) and mine was focussed on anti-ageing and moisture.

You can see my skin looks a bit dull in the first photo below while my skin is GLOWING in the last photo, post-facial. It was very relaxing and almost felt like a hot stone massage for the face. You can do this monthly or even every two weeks depending on your needs. They have a great package available for $995 with a retail value of $2,400 (see here!).

My skin felt incredible after this treatment, smooth, hydrated, and refreshed.

YOUTH Medispa – Injectible Treatments

Let me just say this before anything else, I have had Botox and filler (Dysport) a couple of times and am familiar with the process, pain level, risk, and knew what I wanted to have done.

If you are looking to try an injectable treatment you can book a free consultation to assess your needs and answer questions. I am not an expert or medical professional but happy to answer your questions about my personal experience. Spoiler alert: It was great!

My treatments were done in the room above with YOUTH co-founder and Clinical Director, Michelle Mag-Iba. You can she had me wrinkle my forehead to show where the Botox could go. She did a ‘sprinkle’ across my forehead and I have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks to see if there are any remaining areas I’d like to address.

Does it hurt? Only a little, it’s more uncomfortable, but only for a second with each needle prick, and it’s over before you know it. I would happily go through this process every couple of months to help prevent more wrinkles!

I had Dysport put into my cheekbone area to plump them up and add definition. After losing 30 Lbs in the last year, I felt my face was sagging a bit and this helps to restore fullness to the area. There is a risk of bruising but I did not have any.

I shared my concern that I didn’t want to overdo it, ‘just a little’ I said. I was impressed with the precision and attention to detail. Doing anything to your face can be scary but I was right at ease. You probably wouldn’t notice I had anything done if I hadn’t mentioned it!

I am VERY happy with the results of all my treatments and look forward to my next appointment. The staff were so friendly have graciously given me a code where you can save 20% off any services (CASIE20).


I highly recommend checking them out! Follow @youthmedispa on Instagram and visit their website at to book an appointment. Thank you Kate Mackinson for putting this great new spa on my radar! FEELING OH SO FRESH!

* I received a discount on my services! 🧖🏼‍♀️

Day 119: Homeward Bound

We’re hading back to the city today for most of the week. Sean’s dad is coming to spend some time up here. It’s gonna be nice to be home. i have a few dates planned with friends, at safe distance of course.

Over the last few days, we really worked together as a family team to make the cottage look spotless. When we first came up here in March we packed up a few things we thought we needed and over the months we’ve made it feel more like home. This week we cleaned up some of the clutter we don’t need and packed a few things to take home.

I’m really into this simple concrete/wood bookshelf Sean and I made. We also got some new chains to hold up the hammock, it’s very relaxing. Great for reading!