Day 144: Jumpsuit Heaven

Nothing too exciting to share today! Spent the morning wrapping up that client project and I then to Walmart to have a few photos printed to give to a friend for her birthday. This jumpsuit is now one of my go-to outfits. I’ve been collecting jumpsuits in every colour and they’re just the most comfortable thing to wear. Had a quiet night at home with a bath and reading my book in bed.

Day 143: On A Wednesday

Today was a pretty chill day. I spent most of it working on a new client project then had a massage at night.

Was excited that my latest delivery form the Zara sale arrived. it’s nice to be home! This bodysuit is one of my most fav items in my closet now!

I visited Ani at Holistic Body Contouring in Vaughan to have a Lymphatic Drainage Massage and WOW it was amazing. It’s kinda like a natural butt lift, I could see the difference in one cheek to the other when compared in a photo. This type of massage treatment is very popular with celebrities and in Europe/Russia. If you are interested to learn more, visit @HolisticBodyCountouring on Instagram to see some videos/images. I’ve already booked another appointment to back for Lymphatic Drainage on my face. I can’t wait!

Day 142: Rain On Me!

We made it, we’re home! After almost a full month at the cottage, a weekend in Stoney Lake, we arrived mid-afternoon. I can’t explain how good it feels to be here! I missed my bed, the AC, our kitchen, our books, my clothes! The last few months have made me appreciate so many more of the little things no matter where I am.

Sean and I made a plan for a romantic walk to get takeout tacos. I said ‘maybe we should drive, it’s gonna rain’ and he said ‘no I wanna walk‘. What do you think happened as soon as we got to the taco place? Torrential downpour! Luckily it was still warm so we grabbed our order and walked home in the rain. It wasn’t what we planned but I soaked up the moment.

I am starting a new gig this week and won’t be on CERB anymore. I am really excited to get back to work after not doing much the past sis months. here’s to a great week!

Catching up on the last few days of posts this morning!

Day 135: Are We Running Today?

For about a week of this month, I fell off my fitness game, I just didn’t feel like it. I’ve learned over the past few months of working out that consistency matters more than exactly what you do. I find I’m happiest and most productive when I get moving and sweat at the start of the day. It helps me relax, relieves stress, and opens my mind. Some days I totally zone out to music or a podcast. This week, I’m back at it!

Since January, I’ve joined monthly challenges on the Nike Running app hosted by Amy (aka @lesbest) and they’ve been SO HELPFUL with motivation. This week I need to run 20k to make up for the week I missed, so I can get 60km for the month.

Today I broke my own record for fastest 1 mile and I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. Late 2019 when I started, it was a struggle to run one full kilometre and now I feel great when I run 5Km. For the record, I usually walk a little of the 5km but I’m getting there. Today I dreamed about running a 5km for charity, a race but only really to beat my own best time.

Today was a great day! We had a BBQ for dinner then took a family trip to town. Picked Em up a new bathing suit and I got two new plants. Watched Floor Is Lava on Netflix before Em went to bed and I finished reading my latest book Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewel. GOOD READ.

If you’re looking to get running or join a challenge, add me to the Nike Running Club app (CASIE STEWART) and join my challenge for August. We’re gonna start with 2km a day! I’d love to have some new friends join!