Day 169: Cute New Masks from Considerate Goods!

This past weekend I met up with Anela who reached out to me over IG. We met pre-pandemic at a bar in my neighbourhood, late one night. She said she’d remembered my outfit and had been following m on IG since! 😁 Over the past few months, she started sewing masks and has a background in fashion & design. Her new company Considerate Goods is based right here in the Junction and she makes super stylish masks.

We sat down (outside & distanced) for a coffee chat and she gave me a few of her new designs. These masks are so CUTE, breathable, and fit well.

In an effort to be more sustainable and have less waste, she’s been making scrunchies to use up as many scraps as possible. I love this idea! My new scrunchie matches 3 of my masks, perfect for upping my mask game.

The Considerate Good website just launched and you can check out all the designs at If you’re making a purchase, use code CASIE15% for a discount!

I absolutely love supporting local & new friends. Thank you Anela and congrats on your new venture!

considerate goods

Day 168: Rules for Photo Taking

There’s only one rule, TAKE A LOT. Lol. Went for a nice bike ride yesterday and saw Andrew in the park then ran into a couple of other friends. I biked over to visit April and went for a little walk. She wanted a photo here so we both took a bunch. There are about 45 in my camera roll haha. So fun! See them in a video here.

Holding on to the last beautiful days of summer! I’m still in the city this week before heading up to the cottage for the long weekend.

April ILYSM. Thanks for a fun hang!

Day 163: Visit Spain w/ Do Rueda’s Online Wine Event – Sept. 22nd!

Last summer I went on a press trip to Spain where we did something like 13 wineries in 4 days. It was awesome! Our adventure took us all over the Do Rueda region where they specialize in white wine and 1,000-year-old indigenous grapes (Verdejo). A wine tour here is a good idea if you plan on visiting Spain!

2019, Do Rueda Wine Tour, Spain

Since you’re most likely not heading to there anytime soon, take a virtual trip to Spain’s Do Rueda with an online wine class and wine & snacks inspired by the region. I received a box to try, everything paired perfectly with the wine. See my video here!

Learn about wine this week in Do Rueda‘s online wine class with Master Sommelier, Bruce Wallner (Sept. 22), and mark October 5th in your iCal for Wine Night Instagram Live with wine expert, Angela Aiello (@superwinegirl).

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Day 162: BFF Park Hang

Finally had a park hang w/ some of my BFFs this week. It was so nice to be back on my old stomping grounds! Forst real park hang of the summer. The park is a bit different these days with people in masks, lots of tents, fewer people crowding, socially distant circles. There was a yoga class taking place, so we moved out of our spot when they arrived, it was a bit of a weird vibe. I loved that they had Tibetan singing bowls but it was right in an area where people were having picnic dinners and there were tents set up. Might have been better suited for a less crowded area!

We’re drinking bangarang a new malt seltzer made in London, ON during the pandemic. I’m one of their new partners and was happy yo have the gang try it.