something big is coming….

I helped out with TwestivalTO in February, an event that took place at CiRCA and was part of a world wide effort to raise money for Charity Water. Toronto raised over $10,000 and we had hundreds of people out. There’s some really huge Toronto party events happening this year, I’m stoked.  Our friends at Daily Challenge are doing something awesome and when they asked for me to join their team for the event, I was all in!
The event is called Pay It Backward Day and the idea came from one of the earliest challenges for DC. It involves doing something nice and purchasing a drink for the person behind you in line (see image->). The goal is to beat Starbucks who have the current world record and get 500 people in a row to take part.

It is on Saturday, April 4th at Queen & John, Second Cup. It’s right across the street from Much Music. The New Flow 93.5 will be broadcasting live, there will be all kinds of interesting stuff going on.
I’ve never broken a world record, that I know of, and I would really like your help to do it. So come. Join in on FB. I took this pix-mix of our city on the way to work today – Toronto the GOOD!


Did you know that over a billion, YES A BILLION, people all over the world go without access to clean and safe drinking water everyday? That is 1 in every 6 people.

Today you will find an article about Twestival on page 3 of the Toronto 24 Hours newspaper. Twestival has been on CNN, BBC and all kinds of other networks around the world. The Toronto response has been great, but we need more people out for the cause! Toronto is one of the MOST online cities and we can totally show the other 180 global cities participating, that Toronto is a strong community. I know we can show up Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Moncton, Montreal and Vancouver by having a bigger party and raising more for the cause! We are looking to sell another 200 tickets! If you can’t attend the event, purchase a ticket and show your support. Get them here!The Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers in cities around the world and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support charity: water projects. Check out this vid featuring the woman behind Twestival TO, Sarah Prevette by Daily Challenge:

Tweeps – The Festival is Coming!

I’m excited to announce that Twestival Toronto is just around the corner. It will be hosted at Circa on February 12th. If you don’t know Twitter, seriously, get on it!! Join Toronto and 100 other cities around the world for a global party that will help save lives. All the proceeds from Tickets go to charity:water. “Over the last few years Twitter has gained popularity, function, and millions of fans around the world. More importantly its provided unprecedented accessibility and a sense of community between people who would otherwise remain strangers.” I am on the PR team to help out with the festival, if you would like to share ideas or get involved, let me know.

This is a fascinating video about charity:water. If you have tips on saving water you can Tweet with the hashtag #savewater to join the discussion.

Check out the PSA below and imagine
what you would do without clean water.

what a little snot face

Miss ScarJo has a cold and blew her nose. She blew it two times.

This Little Miss went on NBC’s “Tonight” talk show this week to promote her new movie, “The Spirit.” Supposedly, she’d caught the cold from co-star Samuel L. Jackson, and felt her illness had value because it was passed down from one celebrity to another. How cheese. Leno handed her a tissue and after spreading some germs with her snot and a bit of lipstick she decided to sell it on eBay to raise money for the hunger relief charity USA Harvest. the most interesting part is…Thursday morning, the snot rag had over 60 bids and some dick face is paying $2,050.

I have a cold too. My bid starts at $100. Who wants it?

Bridle Bash III

The party was amazing!

Once again, the Bridle Bash ranks as the best party ever & my most favorite. We had a wonderfully great time and the party raised over half a million dollars for the three charity organizations.
Woot Woot!! ♥

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