Social Change Through the Social Web: The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Today I’m biking over to Yonge Dundas Square (where I won a car last week!) to launch, an online hub that connects volunteers with non-profits through micro-volunteering.

There’s gonna be a fun ‘Wipeout’ style game for uni kids and I’m a judge with Jeremy Taggart of Our Lady Peace and Daniel Johnson from Stereos. The whole fun event is hosted by Sheena from MTV Live. We’re volunteering our time and is making a $20,000 contribution to a charity of our choice.

My charity is the Moving Windmills Project which supports Malawian-run rural economic development and education projects in Malawi. Mum introduced me to William’s story and I wanted to get involved. Here’s his TED Talk so you can be inspired too.

For more info on micro-volunteering in Canada see Koodonation on Newswire here or check out the site at If you’re around today come to YD Square & say HELLOOOOOO!

Toronto Tweed Ride: A dashing metropolitan ride in style!

I recently had a photoshoot early one morning in Kensington with some lovely bike enthusiast and former Mayor, Mr. Miller. We were decked out in tweed and vintage digs gearing up for the Toronto Tweed Ride October 16th in Toronto. (My brain is programmed to type Tweet not Tweed. Stop it CASIE!)

The leisure ride starts at Trinity Bellwoods and raises money for Bikes without Borders‘ work in Africa. It’s also chance to ride in style. You know I love a good dress up!

What is a Tweed Ride?

Tweed Rides are a worldwide phenomenon, started in London in the fall of 2009 as “The Tweed Run London.”  Promoted as a slower-paced “metropolitan ride with a bit style” they dressed up in tweeds, rode their bikes through London streets celebrating the bike and raising money for a good cause.

Where do we meet? 

We will leave Trinity Bellwoods Park at 3pm, through the gates on Queen St. at the traffic light travelling east. There will be a loud bell (or something obvious like a trumpet/trombone) signalling the start of the ride.

How do I join?

To register for the 2011 Tweed Ride Toronto, visit the registration page.  All funds raised will support Bikes Without Borders‘ work in Malawi, Africa.

If you have any questions see the info site here or leave a comment. I’m better with questions like “What are you gonna wear? What am I going to wear?!”. 

I hope you will join us. Cheeriooooooo!

getting a new tattoo, this one’s for you <3

I’m getting it Thursday night at Tattoo Rock parlour & my money is being donated to Red Cross for Japan. I love getting tattooed.  Piercing not as much, remember when I did this for fun? Where is that vest BTW. I think I lost it in Montreal w/ Raymbo & friends.
I’ve wanted this tattoo for a while. I always start out with markers and draw them on  my skin first. Make sure I like it as permanent fixture in my life.  I’v drawn on a zillion times now.

BTW have you read the news about Japan the last couple days?

‎Come to Tattoo on Thursday night for JapanquakeTO and donate some time/money to a good cause. Door 9pm at Tattoo  Rock Parlour on Queen Street. Get a ticket here.
The night is going to be fun. We have three DJs lined up – Justin Barkie, HopScottch and Carson from LE DJ. They’ll be hosting a shuffle party all night long.
There’s HEAPS of AWESOME sponsors check’ em out at  These goodies are all up for raffle tickets too:

#twestivalTO 2011 – tweet. meet. give.

This photo means something really special to me. It reminds me how much I, we have grown and changed over the past couple years.

Erin, Satish & I (below)  were on an aweosme team that came together in Jan. 2009 to create the first big Twitter event Toronto ever had. Twitter was slowly catching on at the time and the event was part of a global thing called Twestival.

Last night, Twestival 2011 took place and it was awesome. It was a totally new team of people who took the initiative to create the event and I was proud and happy to be there.

Twestival OG organizer group hug, my happy moment of the night.

The first Twestival was at CiRCA and we donated to charity:water. Remember that place? My sis was there, she was a Raptors girl back then. She’s the blonde if you don’t already know/can’t tell.

TwestivalTO @ Circa 1

Once we had Twestival on a boat cruise. Renee you were missed last night, I had a shot for you. I need to get to SF to you v.soon.

TwestivalTO Boat Cruise - 040

Another time we had Twestival at Tryst in the club district.


See all the great pix Erin Leydon took last night here on flickr.


My Olympus pix were not as great. I’m not familiar with the camera yet and had some issues. I’m used to having a point & shoot. This is me frustrated, haha.

Don’t judge me, ok, judge me. I don’t care! Lady Blogga raaaaaaaaaa! #pawsup

Lauren! #blondetourage #ftw



Love you Erin.


Bathroom party.

I make the girls giggle.

Marie your dress was GORGEOUS, designer was Cat Shanahan right?


We met at the very first Twestival. Both had shirts w/ our @name on them. Word.

Jon Crowley.






Sean Ward, lookin’ good & classy. You too Nat, who was also wearing a beautiful dress.

Hey guys.

Jonny is drawing me here on ipad. I love art.

Happy times right here. Show me your teeth tweets.

Ryan & Affan.

Evoka Salon purchased a date w/ me for the heart & Stroke auction in Feb. put on my these love it ladies, Ally & Shannon.

Shoutout to all my STUDents (get it, STUD?) who came out last night fom Humber, Centennial & U of T. You guys are AWESOME. Remember I have opportunities for you to eat up, get in touch.

Hey people, ILU.


Great night, great people, great cause.  Next week is fashion week and there’s heaps of things going on. Get yourself a ticket for our Japan fundraiser Thurday at Tattoo Rock Parlour, it’s gonna be a great night. You don’t wanna miss it. All funds raised go directly to Red Cross. There’s heaps of goodies being raffled off, couple totally rad DJ’s, and babes.