we are all born superstars

Looking at my own house from the tarmac at Porter. It took me <15min to walk there, in heels. Who WALKS to the airport? You bet your ass I felt damn cool strollin’ rollin’ in that door.

Right before I boarded the plane something awesome happened, I got my first ever FULL PATDOWN in PUBLIC! It was done by a hot babe and we were giggling. I told her I was gonna blog about it. I had the hugest smile on my face the whole time. They really pat you down all over if ya know what I mean 😉

Toronto Island is quite pretty, will look even nicer once the trees get all greened up. I really notice a differnece between my old camera (Cannon Elph) and the new camera (Olympus XZ-1) when taking shots from the air. New is MUCH clearer.

Started reading the poetry book sent to me by Vanessa Grillone, My Pen My Voice. I’m thinking I really should re-issue my poetry book. I wrote some pretty aweosme stuff when I was young. Thanks for the book Vanessa.

Everytime I travel I still can’t believe they let me use this passport photo. Red lipstick & a big bow, in my hair. Who the hell am I? haha. I’m Casie Stewart, that’s who.

One of the great(est) things about flying Porter are the snacks & free drinks. They have these great sandwiches on really nice bread w/ brie and of course Steamwhistle.

* tights were sent to me from SECRET.

What up Beantown! Here I come.

Love this massive Nella-Bella bag for travel. It fits all my gadgets & important things – two Olympus cameras, ipad, netbook, toiletries, makeup, a cardigan & all my tech accessories. Man, security had a FIELD DAY with all my gadgets (not). Bag comes in a bunch of colours too.

Here we go, landing time. I’m off to Cape Cod tomorrow for some R&R in Provincetown. Stoked to check out all the little shops, nightlife & the beach.

When I arrived Bob & I went to Tavern on the Water for a bevy & a beer. Was so warm out! After that we went to The Bell (Bob’s fav) and saw Meri & a bunch of the other babes.

This is what I woke up to today. NATURE!

In other news, Charlie Sheen was at Muzik in Toronto last night and from what I hear, Russell Peters was the only one winning. Spiro from It’s All Style to Me got the inside scoop.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!

say hello to my little friend

Friend PEN is awesome. We’re in love.


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