My Lomography Shots: First round Second round

Lots of cameras made into art. Liked these ones.

Have another roll in development right now. Planning to shoot Monday’s Diet Coke party with B&W film with the Sprocket Rocket. I am imagining beautiful artistic photos, please join me in that thought. It’s like, hard to take analogue photos man. Digital kid vs Analogue lifestyle for the win.  Thanks for the invite 🙂

New Lens for my PENs!

Deliver from Olympus today. New lens! Asked if they had any kicking around I could play with and voila. This is what they sent over. So far, it’s preeeeeettttty rad. Retail on it is $329 an it is for the Olympus PEN2. Product info here.


Zoom is intense. I can see so far.

I can creep so far.

This is my friends condo across the street. I don’t think he’s home.

This is looking down about 40 stories.


Boat love. Love boats.


Scooting downstairs to get some lunch then back up to get ready for photoshoot for a new top secret campaign that is national and on the internet. Starts in September and runs till December so you’ll know about it when it happens!

Happy Friday!


borderline artistic: shots, lomography

Shot another two rolls for Lomography Mag’s Lomo Amigo project. These are all that turned out. I’ve got another roll done and I hope more turned out. I’m gonna pop by the store and get some tips before I have another go.

Some of these are rad. Especially love the ones from my balcony.



Got a new camera today! Say helloooo to my new  SPROCKET ROCKET! Flash has my middle name. 🙂 Pretty stoked to shoot with this baby, gonna be interesting.


The Lomography shop Queen West invited me in to be on one of their Lomo Magazine LomoAmigos. GRACIAS! Other Amigos include Elijah Wood, surfer Candice O´Donnell, actress Amber Tamblyn, and David Arquette. See them here.


They have so many cameras in the shop. Beautiful space, nice hard wood floor.


I want a ring, camera flash light ring.



I picked the black one of these (boring I know!). Thought about the neon yellow but I like my equipment to match.  TBH, it’s HARD to take photos with a non-digital. I told Jane at the shop “I’m about to find out how ‘good’ of a photographer I am”. I’m going for Borderline Artistic style, we’ll see what we get.


These (blog) photos were taken w/ phone cam, Motorola DEFY. Went mobile for a change this morning. Cruisin’ on bike in the rain isn’t really time for the PEN.

Took a bunch of shots during the day with the Rocket, gonna drop off my film tomorrow and see how we turn out with the first round. Wish me luck!

What if they call me a “Social Media Expert”? UPDATE: They did.

So, Rockstars don’t call themselves ‘Rockstars’ but it’s cool cause everyone else calls them, which is what makes them rockstars. Say Rockstar one more time in that sentence haha. Do you know a ‘real’ Social Media Expert, am I one? I have heaps of Tweets/Blog/Posterous/Facebook/Skype/Flickr/Blogger/Google+/YouTube and more but that term is usually associated with douchebags. I’m not a douchebag.

Catch me on eTalk tonight for the Royal Tour coverage (starts at 7pm on CTV). Got to tape in the studio, I was standing in front of that eTalk sign above. Didn’t get a photo of us shooting. Doh. I used to work at CTV behind the scenes so was a pretty rad to be back today in front of the camera. Saw a bunch of old colleagues and was dressed to impress.  Wore high shoes, nicely tailored dress, hair up, bow, red lipstick. Zing!

I hope I come across smart and cool. I really hope I don’t look bad. (It’s nerve wracking ok!!) I’ll be at an event this evening so I won’t see it until I get home. I’m not sure how long it will be either.

My segment is about the big role social media is playing in Will & Kate’s visit, the photo one of our MP’s posted of them (below) and the Royal Tour app. The Royal Tour App is one of the most popular in Canada right now.

The Blue Man Group were also there this morning. I touched a BLUE MAN! They use blue oil paint and it is very messy. I had some on my finger. One of the BMG guys was pretty cute, well, for a Blue guy. 😛

I love being in front of the camera. I really want to be on TV. Look what they did to C. Perez, Senior Producer. He got Blue Man’d! BMG has a new show coming to Toronto so that segment will be on later this month.

Got it on PVR. Fingers crossed I did good. Aaaaaaaah. Tweet me if you see it!

Queen Spadina Fire

Walked Brent Winsor to Brocklyn’s house and heard so many sirens on the way. This is where they were going…

One of the units on the South side of Queen just West of Spadina across from CTS was on fire. Spadina/Adelaide/Queen Street shut down. People were evacuated. I saw a couple with their cats in cat cages. Sad, I really hope everyone is ok. I looked serious. One of the restos right there recently went out of business.  Other than that, no details to report. These are my photos.

Adelaide East to Spadina.

So many trucks.

Fire was in the building right behind these fighters.


Queen Street West.

Then I saw an open manhole on my way home.

This is what it looks like inside.

Casie Stewart, reporter of daily events on Toronto.