raincoat & wellies and clouds in the sky

Today is cloudy and I’ve got lots to do. I took these yesterday, they’re for you. I’ve got some things to post later too. Drinking a coffee and feeling neat, I wonder what catering will bring today to eat?
Thank you Daily Challenge for giving me this camera. If you don’t know, I won it in their Holiday Do Gooder contest. I love it. It make me very happy to share all kinds of random snipits of my life with the world. Like this little guy:

who’s fueling who now?

I got a lovely email from the folks at Fuel My Blog today that I am the blog of the day! Fuel My Blog is a cool community exclusive to bloggers, every new blog added is reviewed by a human before being accepted. I got reviewed and they like me, they really like me!!

Blogging is becoming cooler and cooler each day. In a world where anything can reach the media, go viral or change in an instant, I’ve really noticed an interest in blogging from those around me. As for myself, I love this blog and writing it! I started it for myself so I could remember stuff and let me tell you, it works. Except, I read old entries and forget that I wrote them, but that keeps it entertaining!
You can vote for my blog on Fuel My blog by visiting the site, or clicking the image below. My interview will be on their blog in the upcoming weeks. Thanks y’all!!

be inspired and start creating

I am constantly inspired to keep on writing and putting my stuff out there. As more and more people come into the Wonderful World of Casie I find that a positive light shines on us all!

I was tagged in the following note on Facebook today and very touched.
It says:

“Inspired by this great lady tagged in this note I decided to create a blog. I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while, but never realized how easy this was. well I am quite happy with this decision. mucho gracias”

Stay tuned for Inna’s blog. I’ve been reading her notes on FB for some time and am truly excited for her new writing space! Congrats girl!!

Map & Quest

Create that Roadmap,
Flip that switch.
Focus. Sit down.
Distractions become meaningless.
Think it through.
Write it down and
Read it back.
Life’s an elastic
pulling you in,
and you’re gonna sink
if you don’t swim.
– Casie Jan 22, 2008