in this department

I’m feeling restless and I want to go to the beach. The sun is shining bright and I’m a little bit hungry. I went for a walk because I was so restless and sat on the artsy project bench and didn’t have anyone to talk to but myself. I could still hear something and I’m sure it’s my thoughts. hears a whoThey were racing around about all kinds of things that are real and not real and happening around me and inside my wild and vivid imagination. I walked into a spider web and it graced my face. No spiders thankfully.


I want to lay in the grass and stretch my arms out really wide and feel the sun on my face. I want to relax. I want to write. I will do that this weekend. I hope it’s sunny. I really should check the weather network and download the app for Blackberry.


A guy from the office sent and email in at 6 am today saying he quit. His team wasn’t really happy but there is part of me that admires him for leaving his desk clean and Blackberry in the top drawer last night before heading home. I sent him an email and it bounced back. Kinda funny, well, to me. Oh god I’m hungry now.

Do you know my friend Elsa Cohen? She’s coming to visit from NYC soon.


it’s good be a crazy cool kiwi girl

About two yearsago I worked at Hemingways, a Kiwi pub in Toronto or a couple months.I was working away on the patio one night and had been watching Conchords on HBO non-stop for about a month. It was On Demand andI could not get enough of it.

I saw this one guy who had the most uncanny resemblance to Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords. At the same time,  I had also been checking out this cute boy who looked kinda like Brett Mackenzie, also from FOTC. I always have a thing for those cute ones that have the Sam Roberts hair. Seperately, I told them about FOTC, at the time it was a hilarious Kiwi show that hardly anyone had heard of. The were both nice and said  ‘ok, sounds kinda cool’ but I needed evidence. I rounded them up like sheep and got them together for a pic. Totally awesome. First pic is the real ones and the other two pictures are the fakes. They look just like ’em!

stereo eight and a heart of glass

It’s always something. You think everything is fine and then something shows up to the party and ruins your day. It’s sunny outside and I wore a cute outfit but I can’t help but feel grey. I don’t like feeling this way. I should be happy, it’s the weekend and it’s warm out.  I found this old eight-track tape in Mum’s basement a little while ago.

I wish I had a player to play it.  picture-0591

I sorted through a huge pile of business cards. There’s lots of cool people in that pile.  I think the cards look neat when wrapped and stacked.  I feel like this is the slowest day ever.  It’s one of those day’s i’d watch Closer and listen to Damien Rice I think. There’s heaps cool things in Mum’s basement.  Lots of our old stuff. The movie Yes Man is really funny.  Zack and Miri Make a Porno is one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen.  No link to that one, imbarassed to say I even watched the whole thing. I hope it’s nice out tomorrow.  I could use a vacation day.


is she yours, yes, she’s mine

I love this scene in Closer. Natalie Portman is a favorite of mine. In this movie she moves me.  She plays this girl, so mysterious and naughty yet childlike and carefree. This is the only movie that has ever made me have strong feelings for at least two days after seeing it in theatres. The relationships between the characters are real and crowded with mixed messages. They are allso strong but weak at the same time. Pulling their feelings from one another and back to where they used to be.

It’s my most favorite at 4:37 when she  says “Where is this love?  I can’t see it,  I can’t touch it.  I can’t feel it.  I can hear it.  I can hear some words, but I can’t do anything with your easy words.”  I used to watch Closer over and over. So many times  I found comfort in her honesty, the way she could just just let herself  be so open and vulnerable.  Meanwhile,  the whole time she was really just hiding. shirt

they all make me happy

Urgh, I’m having trouble concentrating all I can think about is how sunny it is and how much I want to be outside. I’m really feeling the ADD today and it doesn’t make it any easier that I spend all day on computer. I’ve been asked to download one of our casino’s to check some numbers and it involves looking at a bunch of games – get it now? Makes it really difficult to get things done. My skin feels warm from my tan at lunch, I like it very much. I had a Booster Juice, there’s a new one in Liberty Village, like that very much too. Strawberry Sunshine is my favorite. Love it. Found out today that some goodies are coming my way in the mail next week.  Guess what? I really, really like that. I get everything delivered to my office so that our secretary brings over big bags and boxes and everyone wonders what I got.  Makes me feel happy. I’m going for dinner with a really awesome friend  tonight and then gonna see my sister too – very happy about that. I like to dressin fun outfits and costumes up  and I found some pictures of different things I’ve worn and well, that all makes me happy too.

Ok, now that I got that out I go play games with my happy face on.

Enjoy the day!

i don’t think you should drink and bike dudes

NOTL – That’s what they call it. Like it’s a gangsta-short- code for something really bad ass. It’s a popular spot for wino’s and people from the State. If you enjoy people watching, grab a drink and score a seat because you’re sure to see some entertaining characters. I’m not sure where the people come from but it’s so much different than being in the city.  Here, it’s busy and noisy and there are so many people that you can’t even tell who the crazy ones are and you barely have time to watch the days go by. Good food at this place, Prince of Whales. notl-prince

I was a little shocked to see the below advertisement for Wine Tours combined with biking.  I’ve learned that biking and drinking, especially to multiple destinations, isn’t usually a good idea. By the time you get to your last stop you’re half in the bag and then you have to go all the way back home. I’m surprised that this place even exists. I wonder if I can take a dirt bike around to different breweries anywhere? Now, doesn’t that sound like a bright idea?


This building made for pretty pictures. It’s a really old one covered in vines. I’m watching The Bachelorette and I think she’s a wild one. This could be an interesting show.  I dig that she drives a purple vintage classic. I think guys get snarkier than girls do and there will be some fights.  Shame the preview gives the show away and the guys are such dorks.