the they filled the sky and danced with joy

awesome weekend filled with fun. so many photos. show you later. last day at the office. pretty darn excited. have lots of catching up to do with blogging. hate that.

this week is gonna go fast and i am going to savor every moment of it. new camera is on its way. it’s getting sunny out. phones backed up and ready to give back. new number, the old number. blackberry makes it so easy to switch.

today’s my last day. i’m nervous and excited.  exit interview, nice honest or the honest truth? and lunch with my boss.  omg. omg… i feel like i could puke a rainbow.

careful what you wish for

thoughts become things

So I’m reading this book about when bee’s are extinct and then all of a sudden five people get stung around the world and it’s a huge deal. They think there’s something special about them but I’m not done the book yet so I  don’t know for sure. It’s good.

One girl is from Ontario and her name is Diana, after the Princess of Whales. I’m from Ontario and my middle name Diana  for the same reason. Another girl is from Palmerston North, New Zeland. A small town in Manawatu which happens to be where my mum was born and a heap of my family currently live. Weird.

I wanted  a new book and asked for something that I would enjoy reading  yet find intellectually stimulating. One day I went to collect our mail and sitting on the return to sender pile was this book, unmarked, unadressed. I picked it up and started reading. It was meant to be mine that day.

So today, I was sitting having a beer with a colleage, it was about 4:20 when we ordered a second. I had mentioned the book earlier and followed by saying “I haven’t been stung by a bee in a while”. I got up and knocked a nearby tree branch right away.   As I was finishing my second pint, bill paid, I felt a sharp needle like pain in my finger. Bloody hell, I’d been stung.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for, thoughts become things.


on wednesday morning it will be 9 seconds past 9 mins past 9 o’clock on the 9th of the 9th 09.

there are 9 letters in wednesday and also in september.

this excited me more than it should i think

* text from flissss image from growingup on tumblr

I love special number days.

woke up thinking it smells like back to school

Part 1

Woke up thinking I don’t want to share what I think/feel today. I’m gonna tell a story, not sure what but a story. Then I have several messages regarding a Twittascope Tweet (Twitter/Horoscope). I have trouble accessing the site, so I get ready, leave and have no idea what it says.

Part 2

Riding in the sunshine I hear “get off that bike, that’s nnot your bike”. Familiar face, man, beard, bike, running with dog on leash, he works near me. The bells are ringing and the GO train was fastly approaching. She raced it and crossed the tracks. She looked homeless and dressed in Mugatu Derilict. I asked if he wanted me to hold the dog so he could chase her. I see cops everyday when I ride around Liberty and was she she would not get away. I peddled hard across the tracks after the train and went after. No idea what I would do. I dreamed of throwing a side kick from my bike and knocking her down. Locking my bike while she scrambled then riding off on his to return it. However, I just followed her. Saw a police car and knew she was on the other side of  the car park.  Yelled out to him “she stole that bike”. Told him it was my friends and he was chasing her.  He went to get her.

Part 3

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Your key planet Venus is encouraging you to boldly state your feelings out loud today. But you should think twice before doing something that can upset the delicate balance of power. Your life is already complicated enough; you don’t need to add another layer of emotional drama on top of everything else. Acknowledge your desires, but consider keeping them to yourself for now.

Interesting.  Desires kept for another day……………………..

Part 4

The update: I called the police station and I recon they thought I was a nut. I told them some crazy homeless lady stole the bike of this nice bearded man and I chased the cop and told him to get her. Did he get her? Was the bike returned? I believe she listened to my little voice and though I was about 16.  I did not get an answer.

I’ve been hoping to see the handsome bearded man, only then will I know what happened to his bike.

we have hundreds of mc donalds toys

Things are a little different in the East end. They move at a different pace then the West. The people look different. More dogs, wives, kids, lawns, antique shops, less hipsters.

I’ve never seen a house like this before. It’s in the East end at Queen and Bertmount Ave on Bertmount, about a block North of Queen. Necessary pull over for photos. I’ve been trying to think up stories all day about the people that live here. The lady that put all these guys up. How long? What does she look like?

Her name is Shirley. She won best small garden from the city one year. Best garden. Yes, best GARDEN! Look at this baby and say ‘best small garden’ out loud.

There are so many random and tattered toys all over. It’s crazy. We collected Mc Donald’s Happy Meal toys. Mum has hundreds of them in the basement. Boxed. Original packaging. Barbies, Beanie Babies, Playmobile, Lego, Batman, Disney stuff and more.

Somebody needs a thingamabob?

So creepy. Tahnee keeps freaking out every time she looks at my screen. She said at Christmas Shirley decks the place out in lights. I can’t even imagine. Ok, I can but I don’t want to. These are most definitely different to the type of kids toys you see on Youtube. Quite frankly, I think a child looking at these toys too long would need to go to therapy.

Today was as the kind of hot I love when it’s sticky and your skin stays soft all day. I took a watermelon to a bbq in the afternoon. Love summer melons. Thanks for having me guys!

Browsed a book at their place with some valuable lessons in it. This was a cute one.

what life used to be like B.T

I knew right when I woke up that something wasn’t right. I had a knot in my stomach and I tossed and turned.  Ropes hit the window as I was getting ready and the window cleaning men saw me naked. I rode through a stop sign in front of a police man. Twitterberry was returning no signal and I figured I hate you you stupid phone.  I get to the office and think ‘oh no they blocked twitter gadget finally’. I pinned Kurt and Keri and Tiffany on BBM and said “IS TWITTER DOWN?”. I was in a bit of a panic and thought it has to be the office big brother. Asked Dr. Google for an answer prescription and I got all I needed to know…Twitter is down.

Some things I would have Tweeted:

  • Everything you can imagine is real. Pablo Picasso
  • Coupon for $2.00 off Tylenol Aches and Pains
  • MMMM roast chicken and mashed w. veggies from catering today. I love.
  • I woke up and imagined it was Friday
  • I Hope it doesn’t rain on my white dress today.
  • new Vegimite flavour suggestions in the NZ Herrald [link]
  • oooh typornopgraphy j’adore [see for yourself]
  • style stalked Zanita. Zanita who? [babe]
  • Making these Betsy J. style [legs]
  • keep checking and still no twitter GAH!
  • @americanapparel chambray hooray! [awesome]