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This is my notebook blowing in the wind on a beautiful summer day at Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto.

This forest photo is from Suicide Blonde, love the photos there. So glamorous, smart and sexy. Just what I like.

I also learned about Ogze Samanel’s from Suicide Girl. He did these drawings for fun. Today I went to winners. I picked up some great Betsy Johnson tights. One pair is bright gold with a lightening rod down the side. You’ll see, when they’re ready to come out.  I finally got some earphones too, bright pink ones.

Today i’m a guest at the 2009 the Impact National Conference at the Westin. It’s part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and it brings together 500 of Canada’s top young leaders. I’m really looking forward to the lunch speaker, I heard he’s handsome and a tear-jerker. [bring a kleenex in your pocket]

The conference is encouraging young people to achieve their dreams. That fits to my beat I reckon. Good friends Saul, Sarah & Darius are doing workshops. If you’re young and smart and want to learn from amazing people, go see them.

There is a Gala at night. I have a hot date but don’t know the dress code. I always do better that way, just dress fabulous.

Happy Friday

check that one of the list.

My first sport bike ride ever. The best part is the outfit. Full story here.

it’s is more fun with moustachio

This time of year is great. I can feel change in the air. I followed my own advice and read my book outside on the grass yesterday.  Sabrina got a set of mustaches and I really think we should wear them at the office party tomorrow.

It seems my bike has been having dates lately…Keri messaged me a photo that my bike was on date,  well, a boys cruiser was parked next to it.  We both had quite a chuckle when the next morning as I was leaving for work, it seemed that the date was not yet over!

In other exciting news on #SpadinaWatch, there’s something coming around the corner………………..LCBO! It’s quite a good idea considering the amount of people populating the small area. I can feel the winter being warmer already!

woke up thinking it smells like back to school

Part 1

Woke up thinking I don’t want to share what I think/feel today. I’m gonna tell a story, not sure what but a story. Then I have several messages regarding a Twittascope Tweet (Twitter/Horoscope). I have trouble accessing the site, so I get ready, leave and have no idea what it says.

Part 2

Riding in the sunshine I hear “get off that bike, that’s nnot your bike”. Familiar face, man, beard, bike, running with dog on leash, he works near me. The bells are ringing and the GO train was fastly approaching. She raced it and crossed the tracks. She looked homeless and dressed in Mugatu Derilict. I asked if he wanted me to hold the dog so he could chase her. I see cops everyday when I ride around Liberty and was she she would not get away. I peddled hard across the tracks after the train and went after. No idea what I would do. I dreamed of throwing a side kick from my bike and knocking her down. Locking my bike while she scrambled then riding off on his to return it. However, I just followed her. Saw a police car and knew she was on the other side of  the car park.  Yelled out to him “she stole that bike”. Told him it was my friends and he was chasing her.  He went to get her.

Part 3

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Your key planet Venus is encouraging you to boldly state your feelings out loud today. But you should think twice before doing something that can upset the delicate balance of power. Your life is already complicated enough; you don’t need to add another layer of emotional drama on top of everything else. Acknowledge your desires, but consider keeping them to yourself for now.

Interesting.  Desires kept for another day……………………..

Part 4

The update: I called the police station and I recon they thought I was a nut. I told them some crazy homeless lady stole the bike of this nice bearded man and I chased the cop and told him to get her. Did he get her? Was the bike returned? I believe she listened to my little voice and though I was about 16.  I did not get an answer.

I’ve been hoping to see the handsome bearded man, only then will I know what happened to his bike.

socialnomics? does that make you a socialnomist?

Sprung out of bed and yawned out loud, the sun was on my face. Slugged to the kitchen, to the loo, not yet in a race. My mind, it slipped me…such good sleep! I saw the clock, I was in SHOCK… I was nearly late!

For brunch today, I was graced with the lovely presence of British, Bangs and a Bun writer Muireann Carey-Campbell. I pulled up to see her locking her bike up in a cute blue dress, bangs and a bun and all.

It’s one of the hottest days so far, I wore the Edie dress.  Gah, I’d rather bike in my bathing suit. We had some damn good laughs over brekky. Looking forward to reading about he life in NY and Japan.

I’m waiting for friends to come over and go swimming. The air is like a thick brick cloud and it sticks to you when you walk through it.

This video has been circulating on Twitter today and I found it to be quite interesting.

interest in spying on people engaged in behaviors

So nice out yesterday. I could have let the day last forever. Today too.  I like it hot. They were talking about mozzies while we were sitting in the grass and I was like ‘no, what mosquitos? I don’t feel them’. Biggest loser. Today I’m scratchy-mc-scratcherton.

The baddest bikes around. Pete was having a one night stand with this one and testing it out. Cervelo got the green jerz in Tour de France and they’re partying this week. Picture makes me giggle cause the leg looks kinda like the bike to me.

I was in friend heaven last night hugging everyone so tight. I missed you guys! I haven’t seen so many favorite faces all together for a while. I met some cool new people and my purse is full of business cards. Lost my keys but my glasses have been located.

Pretty much everyone in the joint tweets. I met two people that were don’t, how weird. Follow @pinkbrickroad and @dariusbashar, they’re cool kids. Patio was beau-teeeee-ful. Fun, sun, friends, beer, music, like OMG can it get any better.

Then I met this guy who is nice (sorry I forgot your name) and we chatted but he had something to say, he doesn’t get my blog. Like really, what is the point? Um, well, ah….it started because I wanted to remember stuff better and I was bored and I like writing. Now, people read it and like it and some people even say I’m inspiring. How cool is THAT! Me thanks Mum and Daddio for inspiring me.

My stickers are always a hit. I make stickers because I think it’s better than a business card at this kind of thing. They get stuck on peoples clothes and name tags and they wear them around proudly. You can’t wear a business card around and look as cool as you do with a sticker. Plus, at the end of the night you have the sticker with my URL and Twitter  making me easy to find. Plus, the picure makes it hard to forget my pretty little face.  Ha!! Two points for me.
We all tuned in to hear the exciting news that Redwire is now Sprouter , “an application facilitating real-time discussion and networking”. Their next step in their mission “to provide exceptional tools for start up founders.” Just as I was listening in the door came Toronto bloggers Ad Girl and Tech Nerd.

Darius though it was really funny to pretend to toss my baby Bobby laptop around. haha, as in not funny! Darius runs the social network of do-googers Daily Challenge.  I’ve worked with them on a few great events over the last year and I also won my little blue steel camera in a Daily Challenge contest. Yahooo! I do good.

It was a busy day and all the beer fun has left me a little tired today. I’d like to be laying in the grass floating in pool with my sunnies on. Oh, remember when I was all gung-ho about Sobey’s opening next door and being 24 hours? I set up a Twitter account cause I thought it would be funny to say what was happening there in the wee hours of the morning etc. Well it’s not 24 hours but they DO want the Twitter account.  Badass.