see you saturday at the lilith fair ladies

the daily twitter talk for 2010-07-23

is it wrong to be so excited for this?

Jersey Shore is BACK for Season 2 July 29th.  Fist pump baby.

Yesterday was a great day. I went to see Bon Jovi w/ Michael & Cory. Post on that coming when I finally get some time to blog. I’ve been so busy lately, i’ve got so many things to share with you.

  • Kid Rock & Bon Jovi #ftw (@ Rogers Centre w/ @alisaan @j0scelyn @dvln) #
  • Madness at the rogers centre right now and traffic is insane #spadinawatch
  • looking forward to #loserkaraoke tomorrow. honestly.
  • Hmm. Can haz cheeseburger? #nomnomnom
  • anyone 14-19 wanna come down to much on Friday AFTERNOON for something fun? looking for 2 peeps. lemme know ASAP!
  • wow. time for lunch. where sis 4pm come from? gah.
  • anyone else having #FB troubs tagging people in posts today or uploading images? driving me mental – already tried chrome/firefox/explorer.
  • FB is being a real bitch today. That is all. Carry on as I try to keep calm. #fml
  • lotsa #twerk to catch up on today after my holiday peeps, catcha replies in the arvo or lunch I reckon <10 #muchlove
  • #twerk (@ MuchMusic Studios)
  • today the hair is grey
  • Gooooood Morning 🙂

he called to say look at the moon, he’s a real catch.

I tweeted heaps yesterday:

what should i sing at #loserkaraoke this week? hmm.

Yesterday on Twitter, this happened:

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