Something spooky was happening last night…Big spiders triumphant in the night crawling, creeping across the corridor on the crackling floor . I grasped my gadget and gladly grabbed the little bugger as he danced along my arm trying to get higher. I would not let him. I refused to have him in my head. I refused to let anyone knock me dead. His little legs dangled and danced as I tossed him into the night sky. What flight may take him soaring high? It is the wind. It is the moon. Little spider, I will see you soon.

I love tattoos. Especially stick on ones.

Wrap you Up in Bacon

Yesterday I was in Kensington and walked past and interesting art project. It was a tree standing tall and alone dressed in meat. In the middle of the tree was a nest made of real fish and contained what looked like an egg that was made out of meat also. The crew around the tree with a camera were capturing the reaction of people to the art installation. I peeked into the nest to snap a photo and just about fell into the thing. The meat looked quite gross but I really could appreciate the time it took and art concept. I must say I have never seen something of that sort. I do not recommend touching it as I kinda find it disgusting, as you would, but I do recommend passing through Kensington and checking it out. The artist close to remain anonymous.Was a nice sunny day yesterday, maybe it’s cooked now!