art & music: the sounds of friendship

Today it is damn ass cold again. I’m wearing the warmest unit on my head, found it in Mum’s basement. It’s a Turtle Fur headband from the 80’s! Love it. I used to wear it skiing when I was a kid. This evening I will be attending two events that are artistic and appealing. Planning on going with my sister and probably going to make a dance moves vid also. If you’d like to join us, message me on Twitter (@casiestewart).
Stop #1

My friend K.Hinto, a fabulous Toronto artist has a show opening.

What: VH2 – An exhibit of contemporary paintings by Venus Lukic and K. Hinto
When: Show opens Tuesday March 3rd, 6-9pm, continuing all month during Cafe hours
Where: Bisogno Espresso Bar, 61 Sherbourne St. (just North of King St.) Stop #2

My friend Zoe Bentley, a fabulous Toronto singer/musician has a show at the Cameron House. I wrote about her before here. Tonight’s details are on FB.

sharing the randomness – 25 casie facts

This has been floating around Facebook since January. I figured since I’ve been tagged by a ton of friends it is about time I shared 25 random facts about me.
The rules go as follows: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. Blah, blah, blah…

Here we go:

  1. I was born in Canada to New Zealand parents and have dual citizenship (Canadian/New Zealand).
  2. I danced ballet, tap and jazz as a kid and completed in competitions across Ontario as well as Showstopper in NY & Myrtle Beach, SC. I was 5 with fake lashes and red lipstick!
  3. I wrote a book and became a published Canadian Author at 14. It was titled Jeans: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose. The Toronto Star wrote and article about me titled “Push Over Keats, Teen Muse Steps Ahead“.
  4. I went to Uni in Australia and lived at Bondi Beach. It was the best year because I learned the most about myself and WHO I really am.
  5. I hate scary movies. I get queezy and I don’t like to put bad images in my head. I’m crazy enough already!
  6. I still have all my Barbies and their vintage outfits. I hope to get them made in my size one day.
  7. I have a Green Belt in Tae Know Do and once knocked out a boy (Note: James Roszell) in grade 8 at school. Mum thought I’d get in trouble but I said “Mum, do you think he’s gonna tell anyone?
  8. I hate the number three. I don’t do anything in threes.
  9. I grew up around vintage cars and vintage clothes. My Dad builds hot rods and mum was a photog for Canadian Street Rod Magazine.
  10. I named my sister Jenie because EVERY doll I had before she was born had that name. I love her.
  11. When I was 16 and had braces, I did a commercial for an electric toothbrush that aired in the US.
  12. My Mum is my hero. She is so inspiring to me and has instilled good values and confidence.
  13. I’m a very loving, positive girl. I tell my friends I love them all the time just so they know ♥
  14. I ride an red vintage bike with all summer and it makes me feel free! I love it!
  15. I am very artsy. I like to draw, paint, write, make jewelry, sew clothes, pastels, chalk, you name it I do it. Borderline Artistic.
  16. I went swimming with wild dolphins on the coast of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.
  17. My middle name is Diana after Princess Diana. My mum loved her.
  18. I have more clothes than any friend I’ve ever had. It’s an issue but I wouldn’t change it!
  19. I have conversations with myself. I think I’m funny. We’re best friends.
  20. I’ve won a beauty pageant and a bikini contest. Once I was a Sunshine Girl. My hair was long and red and I had huge boobs.
  21. My favorite gift I ever received was a hardcover Thesaurus from my parents in 1996.
  22. I’m addicted to Twitter. I love it. I learn so much and get smarter and smarter each day. Follow me @casiestewart
  23. My Dad was a professional gymnastics/trampoline coach when I was a kid. I’m flexible and can still do the splits.
  24. I have a bad memory. I started my blog to keep more memories and no one read it but ME for at least the first year. Now I write about things that can help make the world a better place, review products people send me and share my thoughts on life. It has really helped my memory and writing is my passion.
  25. I have lots of different talents and believe I can achieve anything. My career goal is to be the Awesomest I can be.

art attack valentine love bandit

I was out walking this morning, enjoying the sunshine. I passed this wheat paste art attack and felt filled with love. I share with you what I saw while you were still in bed. Enjoy. I like this stuff, I’m borderline artistic. My favorite’s are first and last, these are my photos.

light snow with an in your face warning

The Twestival is coming soon (Mark Feb.12 on your calendar!) and I am happy to announce tickets are selling well! The night is sure to be a hit and will be enjoyed by over 175 cities around the world, together. Here is a mesage from the founder of charity:water thanking us all for being involved in Twestival.
I’m looking forward to doing getting started on video blogging. It’s been ages since I have had a new camera as I lost the old one last summer. I’ve had a few requests to do some impersonations. This I assure you will be quite hilarious. Today is it -4 in Toronto and the snow is coming down in a sideways motion. I’d happy I live in a condo and don’t have to deal with snow removal.

remove ourselves from everyday life

Sometimes I want to escape. Sometimes I want to fly. Sometimes I want to hide away and not see anyone. Sometimes I want to see everyone. I am always different, yet always the same. My thoughts often change and move in different directions. My feelings go up and down and around the corner. My state of mind is a product of my thoughts and feelings.

I’ve been looking at a series of artistic photographs by Greg Stekleman. They all have a person removed and replaced with a drawing. Kinda like Tom Goes to the Mayor videos but cooler and more artistic. The guy in the one below is a stud. The couch is ugly but I barely even noticed.

i’m feeling very excited today

I went to the AGO last night and heard some wonderful stories from the staff there. I am surprised by their extensive knowledge about the artwork. I had a man tell me the wonderful story of Daedalus and Icarus. I did not know this story and hearing it from someone who truly has a love for the art was beautiful. This photo is not the one in the AGO, however, I recommend you go check it out for yourself, the story, and the painting. I also found a secret study and that is all I am saying about that.
I have the afternoon off for a photo shoot which is always fun! You know I love having my picture taken! The temperature is warmer today than it has been all week and I’m feeling rays of sunshine. I’m heading out of town tomorrow to visit one of my longest standing BFF’s. I’ll be posting from Guelph, Ontario!

Here is a photo of me as an old ‘Sexy Bag’.
It really makes me smile! Happy Friday all!!