arts & culture writer = me

I wrote an article a few months back about a fascinating artist named Michael Golland. Afterwards, I found out that it was going to be the feature cover story! I was quite excited given I’m yet to have ‘write a cover story’ checked off my list. An excerpt is below. You can read the whole article here. He wants people to be captivated, to find and immerse themselves in their flow of consciousness. Michael’s art is about finding the Zen within and connecting to its powerful energy. His paintings are unique and recognizable. Fluid lines dance across the canvas creating trajectory spaces filled with monochromatic colors. He aims to draw connections between the objects, the lines, the space, the spirit within and the essence of life itself. Michael was born in Yorkshire, England during the Second World War.” [get all the juice]

you make music to my ears

Last week I had the pleasure of attending an event bridging the League of Kickass Under 30 and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The League is ‘a social network for young leaders and influencers that are the future of their industry’ & in partnership with the League of Kickass Business People. The League (#LOKU30) had the privileged of having Music Director, Peter Oundjian and VP of Marketing & Business Development Mike Forrester speak to prior us to the performance . They both were great to listen to and spoke about the TSO, the value of the symphony in Toronto and the importance of the arts.

The performanceI saw is part of the New Creations Festival and featured acclaimed violinist and Deutsche Grammophon recording artist Hilary Hahn, Cellist Shauna Rolston and a beautiful work for the string orchestra by Tōru Takemitsu.

There was even an afterparty post show where I mingled with musicians over cocktails. It was a truly uplifting experience. I’m really looking forward to returning. If you didn’t know the symphony was this cool, you do now. I am excited to inform you that TSO on June 20 & 21st you can see The Music of ABBA! #OMG. I wondering if it would be frowned upon to dance in the aisles? All I need is a ticket because I doubt I could stay in my chair since they are playing everything from Dancing Queen to Take a Chace on Me. Totally awesome!

canadian family you say, ma?

I just had a long chat with Mum who just returned from New Zealand. I miss it. I want to go back there so bad. She told me a story about the very tip of the North Island called Cape Reinga. It is so very beautiful. She said that New Zelander’s (The Kiwi’s!) are very creative and they place much of attention & value on the arts and artsy things. That makes me feel awesome.

having a new camera makes my life better

Here is some more good stuff from my day. Felling the spring vibes makes so happy. Popping around the city, feeling pretty. Skip in my step walking with pep. Ipod & street sounds , the sun brightly shining, loving the weather and photo designing.

windy weather cast on a rainy day

Saturday was windy and wet. After the gym & swim, I went to the AGO. The best way to spend a cloudy day. It’s so bright inside the AGO; filled with light, love, sound and beauty.

I felt very artistic, as I always do when I visit the AGO. Don’t you remember this guy, and this guy? I am really enjoying my new camera. I made a video, watched it, almost peed my pants laughing and saved it. This movie is entitled windy weather cast #005. The music is Mi Confesion by Gotan Project.

a pleasure to look at

Last week I went to the opening night of VH2 – An exhibit of contemporary paintings by Venus Lukic and K. Hinto. I was excited to see the newest paintings by my dear friend K. Hinto. I am a big fan of Hinto’s work. I have two of his pieces at home and I fall for a new one every time I visit his studio. The show is on for the rest of March at Bisogno Espresso Bar (map). Most of the pieces displayed at have yet to be seen by eyes outside his studio. The photo below is one of my fav’s but it could be yours if you get it first.