you just gotta put it out there y’know

Curry chicken day from catering. My favorite. My new glasses should be arriving any day now. Maybe they’ll be home when I get there. Made plans with myself tonight, need those days. Was thinking after Mum left that I’d like to go on another trip and went to meet Tiff at the Spoke Club. Some cool artwork hanging around right there at the moment.

Turned out to be a fun night. Ran into friends after she headed back to the burbs. Had drinks, smoked cigars and booked a trip to Mexico for the weekend. I say, you just gotta put it out there, the power of positive thought. It works. More on that adventure later.  Mum’s gonna ring me as soon as she reads this saying “MEXICO!!!!!!!!! CASIE!!!!!”. I can hear it.

Ran into some peeps that know the blog and  made a new friend.  She’s cute, look & listen to what she said. So cute.

Traveled some blogs recently and found cool cats like The Deadly NightShades collective and Agent Lover.  My fav one is this little darling in NY who’s started the Uniform Project. She’s wearing one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion while raising funds for school kids in India. So cool.

She’s got 7 identical dresses and she reinvents them with style like you wouldn’t believe. She’s as cute as a button. I’d like to be her friend. I showed Sabrina ans she said  “she’s a brown you”.  God she’s cute.

artventure #1107009

was nice to go to the AGO. as a member i should go  more often. there’s a new surrealist exhibit and it is beautiful. have lots of old clothes and pretty dresses to see. i imagined my self stepping into the exhibit and putting them on and dancing or walking around the room.

i heard about the community bike racks around the city. hadn’t seen one before. nice bikes, nice rack. nathan phillips square is taking part in the outdoor art exhibit. lots of nice things to take photos of. was feeling artistic


sun was really hot on my skin. started to feel tired from walking around. didn’t realise it was so hot out. heading down to harbourfront now with the girls to see Broken Social Scene. awesome. night is young and warm.

on the edge: martin streek

Rode against the wind the whole time and my hair is frizzy like Andy Warhol. My teeth hurt from wearing my retainer. I don’t mind because they are  so straight when I wake up. I haven’t dealt with death that much, lucky me I guess.

john butler 106

My family is all in New Zealand so if someone passes, I’m not there to be with them. That’s unlucky. My high school had a really high suicide rate. Yesterday Martin Streek, my fav man at the Edge called it quits.  I saw Shane‘s Facebook and was shocked when I read his blog and got the story.

john butler 109

I used to run into Martin and his smiling face often. We made friends one summer. My most fond memories are the summer days when Jenie and I used to go down to The Edge and hangout out with him while he did the Thursday 30.  It was so much fun, as soon as he saw our faces he would say ‘OMG, it’s the Stewart Sisters, you guys are so hot’ .  We’d give hugs & hang.  He was always full of smiles and jokes.  I’ve gotta find the photos now, I think I know where they are. He will be missed by me, was always my favorite man on the radio. I remember the Jager tattoo, he was  really fit for his age.  Nice eyes too.  Rest in peace my friend.

mourning: rest in peace martin xoxo

FYI: There’s Martin Streek nooner on the Edge today.  I’m listening live.

add some spice to your life already

Girls were working out in the park.  They start in a circle then change formation to watch the teacher. I stopped to have a sit in the grass and done awesome 002Needed to  cool down from the hot heat on the bike ride. Was tired on the bike today, really warm out today. Humid.

Sat down for a cold refreshing one on the bench and felt calm.  Gonna get a new style done awesome 003The stuff is in my hair is hot and it feels like I’m in direct afternoon sunlight on a hot summer day.  It kinda burns a bit but it’s good.  I’m starting to get excited for Pride. I get talking about past times and all the girls start calling and we make plans.  OMG its so fun.  I love.

hair done awesome 005Its hot, burning right now a bit. I love coming here. I was so crazy with a mind a racin’ that I wasn’t relaxed. Now I’m relaxed. Beautiful outside right now, lovely. I looked at your picture but it wasn’t you it was an inposter of you circa something. I laughed. Facebook on phone means double notifications and major annoyance. Don’t like it.

Do like getting my hair done. The colour is setting in.  Its gonna be bright. hair done awesome 008

I’m  gonna freak out at first like I always do then love it. It’s going to be perfect for the weekend. I love it.

there’s a club house they hang out at

I’ve made friends with a couple peeps at The Musebox a record label that stems from Vice Mag who rep a heap of cool indie bands.  The coolest things about it being their friend is that I get to hear about all kinds of cool shiz before anyone else does and tickets to events. june 15 020-1I recently watched a vid of the Cancer Bats at the Adrift Club house right here in lovely TO.  My friend Justin was recently in NZ, AUS and UK. I snagged this guy from his FB album, that’s him on the right with the dirt stash and sneeky smile.

batsI got hooked up with tickets to go see Patrick Wolf and some other hipster bands for the Nylon Magazine Summer Music tour tomorrow night. It’s gonna be a fun time.  Sabrina’s my date already, sorry. twocrown

I have  another friend by the name of  Sean Goodchild. He is total babe and a very talented. We went to high school together and he was rocking it then and he is also rocking now.  I hope Mum remembers him when she reads this. He used to do an amazing Stomp show when we had the school talent thingy.  His new band is called Two Crown King. His voice makes me swoon. I was listening on myspace and I was taken back to when  I used to dream he was singing to me in high school.

One more thing,  if you don’t know it yet, I heart you online.

i love this dress



I had Peach Beserk make me this dress my my birthday. It’s stretchy and covered with Edie and Andy. I love it hard. You can make your own dress here. Looks especially great with fishnets and a long coat. Loves it.